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Ph.D. in Comparative Biology Richard Gilder Graduate School

Ph.D. in Comparative Biology Richard Gilder Graduate School

Our unique, 4-year accelerated Ph.D. program focuses on the history  and interactions among species, within and between biotas, and across time and space. We offer:

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Multi-faceted curriculum featuring field work, teaching assistantships  and collections-based research.

2:1 faculty to student ratio and comprehensive financial support.

200 active scientists, 40 curators/professors, 32 million specimens  and a 400,000 volume natural history library.

Application deadline is December 15, 2008. Visit http://rggs.amnh.org  for more information.


  1. umar A. Abubakar says:

    Goodday, currently starting PhD in Molecular Veterinary Anatomy, needs a well equipt Laboratory to collaborate together. Thanks

  2. abebaw says:

    i am from haramaya university , ethiopia and M.Ed graduate in bioogy education with cummulative GPA of 4.00 and very good thesis research. i have a strong desire to join a PhD program in one of the subdesciplines of bilogy. i have the potential to sucessfully accomplish the program .References
    Tesfahun Kebede(PhD) Dean,faculty of education ,haramaya university ,Ethiopia. [email protected] 251255530355
    Ameha Kebede(PhD) Head ,department of biology [email protected] 251255530380


    I am Gloria Ofori Ataa, a twenty year old girl and final year student of the Kumasi polytechnic pursuing a higher national diploma in dispensing technology. I wish to a member of your university to pursue Msc in Biological and Medical sciences in the next academic year {2009/2010}

  4. abebaw says:

    i am an M. Ed graduate from haramayaunivesity in october 2008 with a cummulative GPA of 4.00 and carried out a thesis research entitled evaluation of implementation of biology curriculum in Dessie college of Teachers education. i am full of great ambition to join the PhD program in either cell biology, ecology orphysiology. i can post all the necessary education documents and the recommendations from instructors of Haramaya university, ethiopia.

  5. yewalashet sime girmu says:

    I would like to write this letter in order to apply the scholarship.I am yewalashet sime,28 years old & female from ethiopia.I have MSc degree in demography (specially in population, development & enviroment ).I have over seven years experience as a journalist and Part time teaching experience in various schools. I have done a lot of research in various current social problems of our country for the fulfillment of my masters and bachelors’ degree and for preparing various radio programs at Radio station.I want to upgrade my knowledge .can you help me ? Hoping to hear from you soon.

    With Regards,
    yewalashet sime

  6. I am Josephat Sahani Kaboya from Tabora – Tanzania, a man aged 38 years. I am currently working with National Institute for Medical Research at Tabora Medical Research Centre in Tanzania.

    I wish to join your University and pursue MSc in Biological and Medical Sciences during the next academic year (2009/2010)

    I completed my advanced Diploma course in Medical Laboratory Sciences and specialized in Parasitology and Medical Entomology at the Muhimbili University of health Science in 2001.

    I need your help on how to be enrolled to your Institution.

    Yours truly,

    Rev. Josephat Sahani Kaboya,
    National Institute for medical Research,
    P.o.Box 482,
    Tabora – tanzania.

  7. semhar sium says:

    I am semhar sium from ERITREA EAST OF AFRICA ,I have BA degree in accounting in collage of business and economics and i have great desier to continue my studies in CANADA OR US for MA degree.

  8. asif hossain says:

    i am an M.Sc.(zoology) from burdwan university, India, If I kindly get full scholarship I want to study your offer, sir

  9. Hailemichael Shewa says:

    I have a BA degree in English, I have another BA degree in Management, and I have a master’s degree in curriculum, all from Addis Ababa University of Ethiopia. If I get full scholarship I want to study your offer

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