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PhD position in Atmospheric Chemistry at University College Cork in Ireland

PhD position in Atmospheric Chemistry at the University College Cork, Ireland

Dr John Wenger of the Centre for Research into Atmospheric Chemistry (CRAC) at University College Cork in Ireland has been awarded a PhD Fellowship for investigations into “The Atmospheric Chemistry of Naphthalene”.

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Project Summary:
Naphthalene is the most abundant polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon detected in urban air and contributes to photochemical air pollution. The chemical transformation of naphthalene in the atmosphere generates a range of secondary pollutants including ozone and secondary organic aerosol (SOA) which are known to have an adverse effect on human health. In this project, a comprehensive programme of laboratory studies will be performed on the atmospheric degradation of naphthalene in order to determine the oxidation products and the yields of SOA. Experiments will be performed in atmospheric simulation chambers using GC-MS and FTIR spectroscopy for the identification of gas-phase compounds and aerosol mass spectrometry for the particle phase species. This experimental data will be used to construct a validated chemical mechanism that can be used to predict the impact of naphthalene emissions on regional air quality.

The PhD student will join a multidisciplinary team of researchers in the Centre for Research into Atmospheric Chemistry at University College Cork and also work at the new Environmental Research Institute.

This project is funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Expected starting date: 1st October 2008.
Annual stipend is on average €17,000.
Fees for EU students are paid.
Applications, in the form of a detailed CV, are invited from candidates with at least a 2:1 grade in Chemistry, Physics or Environmental Science.

Further information can be obtained from Dr John Wenger ([email protected])



  1. I am omer abdulrahman from sudan Ihave Msc in applied chemistry from gazira university .Now Iam a lecture at west kurdofan university . Iwant to continue my phD in environmental analytical chemistry ,I am agood ideas related to air pollutances control .Dear wenger help me your cooperation is greatly in need.

  2. Alemu Gonfa Robi says:

    Dear Sir:

    I am from Ethiopia. I studied chemistry in BSc and MSc. (Inorganic chemistry) in Addis Ababa University. At present I am Inorganic Chemistry Lecturer in Hawassa University.

    In Academic areas: Advising students in different project work and laboratory activities, teaching different inorganic chemistry courses, writing Modules…etc

    My Research Topic of MSc study: Synthesis and Characterization of Cu (II), Cu (I) and Zn (II) Polymeric Macrocyclic Complexes as Potential Catalytic, Anti Fungal and Anti Bacterial Activities. And I scored an Excellent grade (A)

    Experiences in Administrative Activities: Four (4) Years as a Student Dean, Two(2) Years as a Main Campus Administrator, Three (3) Years as Campus Beautification Head related to Environmental Protection through Planting different trees and grass (about 30,000 trees were planted within these three years)… etc.

    Sir, if I have been given a chance to study my PhD under you Supervision:
    I will send proposals on the: Social, Economical and Health Impacts of Pesticide in Ethiopia.

    Thank you

  3. I am Agegnehu Alemu from Ethiopia . I have Msc in Environmental Science from Addis Ababa University. Now I am a lecturer at Bahir Dar University . In environmental science I specialized in environmental chemistry . I want to continue my PhD in environmental chemistry or environmentan analytical chemistry. Dear sir / madam your cooperation is greatly in need .
    Thank you

  4. Habib Hayyan al Razy al Hafidz says:

    Respected sir,
    I am indonesian. called habib. i’ll have graduated in 2010 dec. i have been learning in chemical engineering. i’m looking for full scholarship master in organic chemistry. i want to study in Germany or korea . you can add me in [email protected]

    Thanking you,
    habib hayyan al razy al hafidz

  5. rasha kamal says:

    Firstly, i want to introduce my self. my name is rasha mohamed kamal mohamed. i have a B.Sc in chemistry( very good with honor degree)- faculty of science-assiut university, Egypt, i already finished my master degree. my thesis title is:
    Structural Characterization and Catalytic Activity of Nickel, Silver and Aluminium Mixed Oxides Catalysts.
    really, i want to complet my postgraduated studies and to obtain a Ph.D degree with full scholarship. I am very interested to follow up more opportunities for the PhD in chemistry .
    I’m very interested in chemistry, and I want to proceed with my studies and research under your guidance and supervision. I would like to assure you that I will focus my research.
    Thank you
    rasha kamal

  6. I am Tesfaye Eshete from Ethiopia. I have both diploma and BSc. dgree in chemistry.i have a total 10 years of profitional expriance in industrial work (4years) & in higher education(6years) as a technical assistant & agraduate assistant at Ambo University College.Now i am working as agradaute assistant.

    i have acummulative GPA 3.447 a major GPA 3.72 during my BSc study.Now a am seeking to continue my MSc dgree in chemistry or related fieldes.If any possiblity is thereplease contact me with the following adrees. [email protected]
    Best regards!!

  7. BINA says:

    I am first division holder both in secondary and highar secondary levels. I obtained first class first in honours level.Now i am going to submit my M.Phil thesis named Phytochemical investigation on oyster mushroom(pleurotus ostreatus) from Dhaka University, Bangladesh. I am a lecturer of a degree college. I WANT TO GET Ph.D FULL FUND SCHOLARSHIP.WOULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME?My E-mail address is [email protected]




    Seeking for: Ph.D in Atmospheric chemistry.

    Firstly, I would like to introduce myself as a graduate student from the university College, KAKATIYA UNIVERSITY, WARANGAL, INDIA. I completed my course of M.Sc in physical chemistry, which was for the period of two years during the academic years 2003-2005. I graduated with 67.2% . I was ranked among top five in the class.

    During the Five years including three years of my bachelors course with Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics as my optional subjects. I gained in-depth knowledge in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. During my graduate study, I gained a sound knowledge in KINETICS,THERMODYNAMICS, SPECTROSCOPY, REACTION MECHANISMS in organic and in-organic chemistry, ELECTROCHEMICAL ANALYSIS and PHOTOCHEMISTRY. During my B.Sc , I learned a lot of Mathematics including calculus, and calculus based physics.Out side of my college, I have learnt computer languages like C,C++ and FORTRAN 9o. I am quite practical and rational, with the way I look at the problem during the course of the five years, I mastered these subjects with rational thinking and get the doubts clarified through practicals. During my graduation, I attended few seminars: a seminar conducted on IMPORTANCE OF COORDINATION COMPOUNDS IN BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS, in which I took part as a member of organization, by prof: S. SRIHARI.; two departmental seminars by Osmania university professors- Seminar on GROUP THEORY by prof: K.VEERA REDDY., professor of chemistry, Osmania university and seminar on RETROSYNTHESIS by prof: DEVID KRUPADHANAM, professor of chemistry, Osmania university. All these seminars taught me how to enquire new things.

    Every problem has a solution and environmental problems are no exceptions. Solution is nothing but finding out where the problem is. Keeping this and zeal to serve the humanity, in mind, I decided to do my research in the field of atmospheric chemistry. As we know atmospheric pollution is mainly anthrapogenic. We can reduce much its pollution by controlling human activities which are responsible for increasing pollution. To tell the truth, I have a plan to write about the environment, but who listens to the people who says passively. So I strongly decided to do active research, so that I can have influence on people. I am confident, I could contribute something to the world.

    The graduate course as well as my experience as a laboratory instructor at JAGRUTHI DEGREE& P.G COLLEGE has provided me with a strong base for further growth in my desired field. I would like to delve deeper in the field of my choice and their research aspects completely. I hope to acquire the requisite professional skills and develop a thorough understanding in these areas.

    I wish to contribute these area and indulge in a research which ultimately should have a meaningful contribution to science and to the living things. I AM confident that my academic capability and analytical skills coupled with my perseverance and single minded devotion will let me achieve my goal. To this end, the first step is a sound graduate study in a field of atmospheric science.

    It is my belief that knowledge gained has to be shared. I believe that imparting knowledge is an enjoyable and satisfying experience. I have enjoyed giving ideas, lectures, making presentations at the college during my masters. And now I have been happy to share my knowledge to my students. Hence, I am eager to obtain a Graduate Assistantship. Consequently, I understand that the choice of university is of paramount importance. After going through your web page and consulting my professors , I reached the conclusion that , with its reputed faculty, excellent facilities and tradition of academic excellence will be the ideal place to work towards fulfillment of my goal. Moreover, I am confident that the wholesome education that I will receive at the will stand me in a good stead throughout my career

  9. FELEKE MURGA says:

    Dear Sir / madam

    I am Feleke Murga 23 years old from Ethiopia, have B.Ed degree in Chemistry from Mekelle University, Ethiopia. in the year 2006. I have been working as a teacher in department of Chemistry at Agene General Secondary school since September 2006-2008. Now I am self-employed & I want to pursue my Masters degree in Education or any area related of study in post graduate program. I would be glad if i am linked with a funding for this program. THIS will afford me the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills that will improve my quality of work to overcome the problem of quality teachers in my country . I am grateful for the opportunity to get a award in any recognized University , hope to hearing from you soon . I can be reached by the following address .

    E-mail : [email protected]

    Thank you in advance

  10. ADDIS MEKONNEN says:

    Dear sir, madam here I would like to ask your organization to sponsor me for starting my PhD position in Atmospheric Chemistry at University College Cork in Ireland
    I have an M.Sc in Analytical chemistry from Addis Ababa University in 2006 and now I am working in one government university namely Dilla University as an instructor.
    Addis Mekonnen
    Addis ababa Ethiopia

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