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PhD Position in Physical Geography, Sweden, 2009

PhD Position in Physical Geography – “Past climate variability in southern Greece”

PhD Position in Physical Geography within the topic “Past climate variability in southern Greece” at the Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology. Reference number SU 463-40-09. Deadline for application: May 4, 2009.

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The Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology is one of the major departments within the Faculty of Science at Stockholm University. The department has 120 employees and approximately 1500 students. The main research disciplines are Geomorphology, Glaciology, Climatology, Quaternary Geology, Hydrology, Remote Sensing, Geographical Data Processing, Ecological Geography and Tropical Geography. Teaching is oriented towards geography, earth sciences, integrated biology-earth science and environmental sciences.

Project description
We seek to recruit a candidate for a PhD position in Physical Geography. The main aim of the project is to provide new high-resolution, precisely dated records on past (Holocene) climate variability in southern Greece, mainly using speleothems, and to relate the results to available information on cultural dynamics in the region over the same period of time. The PhD project will contribute to the MISTRA-funded program The Urban Mind that combines humanities and natural science studies of urbanism and climate change in the Eastern Mediterranean. The project involves fieldwork in Greece, laboratory work and geochemical analyses, interpretation and integration of data, publishing in scientific journals and writing a thesis.

Terms of employment
The 4-year PhD program includes at least 3 years of research and at most one year of course work. The position may be extended by up to 1 year if up to 20 % teaching assistance or administration is included in the contract. The position is financed by a faculty studentship at Stockholm University and amounts to about 15.500 SEK per month during the first 12 months. Upon satisfactory progress, the PhD-student can apply for a PhD-employment from the second year with a salary of 20,450 SEK per month.

The candidate should have an MSc or equal in Physical Geography or Geography. Preference will be given to those with a background in Palaeoclimatology. Experience of fieldwork, laboratory work and the integration of natural sciences and humanities are considered advantageous. Candidates must be self motivated, committed and enthusiastic about conducting fieldwork and about working in the laboratory. The PhD dissertation will be written in English.

Envisioned starting date is June 1, 2009 (although this can be negotiated).

Applications should include a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, copies of degree certificates and transcripts of academic records (all attested), a list of two persons who may act as references (with phone numbers and email addresses), and one copy of the applicants’ Master Thesis and articles in which she/he is a co-author.

For further information
contact Karin Holmgren (main supervisor), phone +46-(0)8-674 7157,

Union representatives are Bo Ekengren (SACO), Lisbeth Häggberg (Fackförbundet ST), phone +46-(0)8-16 2000 (switchboard) and Gunnar Stenberg (SEKO), phone +46-(0)70-316 43 41.

Applications labelled “Utbildningsbidrag” with reference number SU 463-40-09 should be sent not later than May 4, 2009, to:
Stockholm University
The Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology
Susanna Blåndman


  1. I am studed wtih under graduation degree in geography and there are two years expriance with the subject teaching. At a time i want to study physical geograhpy in masters level so you are looking my interest to help me. It is the only question due to my long term vision of education.
    thank you

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  11. TCHAOU A. Gabin says:

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    Potentialités hydrogéologique et hydrologique:
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