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Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of West Indies Jamaica


The University of the West Indies (Mona Campus), Jamaica

The University of the West Indies is examining opportunities for the development of sponge aquaculture technology through a project entitled “The Mariculture of Sponges with Bioactive Constituents”. The project entails the investigation of optimal conditions for the propagation of sponges and the determination of the chemical composition of the sponges from the natural and cultured populations.

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The ideal candidate should have a recent PhD in Natural Products Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) with background knowledge in the Life Sciences (Zoology/Biology). Candidates should also have:

1. SCUBA diving certification and experience in underwater photography;

2. A strong background in spectroscopic (eg NMR) and analytical techniques (eg HPLC/ GC);

3. Knowledge or experience in lower invertebrate reproductive biology;

4. Proven ability to prepare manuscripts for publication and to communicate the results of research studies to the scientific community;

5. Skills in the design, conduct and interpretation of filed and laboratory experiments;

6. Knowledge of statistical methods for assessment and interpretation of scientific data.

Responsibilities include:

• The management, coordination and supervision of field work for research experiments in the sponge mariculture studies;

• The isolation and characterization of organic compounds in marine invertebrates using basic spectroscopic techniques;

• The provision of leadership to postgraduate and undergraduate students on the project and in the research group.

Application letter along with curriculum vitae giving full particulars of qualifications, experience, nationality, names and address of three referees and copies of degrees should be sent by electronic mail to: [email protected]. In order to expedite the recruitment procedure, applicants are advised to ask their referees to send reports under confidential cover directly to the Senior Assistant Registrar, Staffing & Employee Development, Human Resource Management Division, The University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston 7, Jamaica, West Indies, without waiting to be contacted.

The final date for receipt of applications is 22 August 2008.

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