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Preparing For The Visa Interview?

The season of student visas is soon approaching and students are likely to get stressed during their visa interviews. Some applicants even get panic about getting their student visa. However, the area of concern is the availability of interview schedules or appointments. But, some of the international consulates have already affirmed that ample slots will be made available for students this year.

Students who are applying for visas for countries like Canada and Australia will not have to appear for any interview or appointment, instead they only need to submit all their documents first through visa facilitation centres.

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For UK student visas, applicants only need to appear for an appointment to provide their biometrics, but not need to sit for an interview.

The most common misconception amongst the students today is that getting student visas for any specific majors or universities is impossible. However, it is not affirmative because some of the consulates are not at all concerned about the majors or colleges the applicants have selected; instead they are more eager to know the reason for choosing a particular program or college. So, it is must for applicants to be concise, clear and honest with their reasons for selecting a particular college and they must explain their funding plans concisely.

Self-confidence is the most crucial thing that every applicant needs to carry along with them during their visa interview. A confident and well-prepared applicant is more likely to answer each question with poise and secure their student visa successfully.

Visa Interview Preparation

Student visa interview is basically an opportunity for students to convey their plans and ideas to the consular officer, when they will be in foreign country and what future plans they have after completing the studies. Applicants should equip themselves with the following:

Acquire knowledge about the process

Applicants can easily get accurate and free information from the embassy website about visa interviews. The website will provide you with the details of what exactly the consular officer require and what they expect you to know and answer. Student visas are generally applied before 120 days prior to arrival at University.

Be Well-Prepared

To make your student visa application successful, you must carry the following documents during interview – letters from the future employers of home country, letters of recommendation for educational plan, business card if you are working, father’s position at home, real estate holdings proof, bank statements, evidence of funding, acceptance letter from university, test scores, all school documents, visa application form and any other documents that help you to prove your ties with your home county and your intention to return back after studies. Applicants should be familiar with all information about visa application, especially the financial part.

Answer All Questions Confidently

Applicants should answer all the questions the consular officer asks, but they should avoid replying with prepared speeches and scripts. Know and develop your personal career plan well and try to convey your story about why you want to get enrolled in foreign university for further studies and what are your future plan after completing your studies and what you would do after returning back to your home country after graduation. Remember, your reasonableness, sincerity and plausibility of your story and plan should be persuasive to crack the visa interview.

Speak Only Truth

Remember, you need to convince your visa consular officer. If he/she thinks you are lying, then your visa application will get rejected. If you think you are not able to answer any question then simply tell the truth, instead of making stories. It is not a test to attempt every question, it is simply an interview. So, fake and dishonest answers may simply reject your visa application.

Few Sample Questions For Visa Interview

-Following are some Sample Questions Of That Are Most Frequently Asked To Students During Their Visa Interview
-How did you come to know about the particular University?
-How many other universities you have applied to?
-Why you have chosen this university, why not other big foreign schools?
-From which school you have graduated?
-Tell me why you want to visit a particular country for further studies?
-Are you working currently, where and what’s your monthly income?
-Your academic background and why you want to pursue this particular degree?
-Tell me about the program you have selected to pursue?
-How the program is structured financially and academically?
-Do you want to work along with your studies as part timer?
-Tell me about the resources to pay-off the charges for education?
-Why don’t you study at your home country universities?
-What arrangement you have made for your family, if married, then for your wife, during your absence?
-What are your future plans and what you will do after you return back to home country?
-Have appeared for ESL, GMAT or GRE? If not, then why?