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Synthetic Biology course by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is currently offering an online course on Synthetic Biology. This course will make the participants aware about the principles of synthetic biology.

This course is a combination of both biology and computer science. By doing this innovative course students will learn how to develop biological systems. The course will start on February 14, 2017.

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Course At A Glance

  • Length: 14 weeks
  • Effort: 8-9  hours/week
  • Subject: Biology & Life Sciences
  • Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Languages: English
  • Level: Advanced
  • Price: Free
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  • Certificate Available: Yes
  • Session: Starts on February 14, 2017

Providers’ Details

Massachusetts Institute of Technology in partnership with edX is offering course Principles of Synthetic Biology. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most highly respective universities of the world. The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology and other areas.

EdX is a not-for-profit online course provider composed of 30 leading global institutions, focused on transforming online and on-campus learning on an open source platform.

About This Course

This course emphasizes on the areas of biology, biotechnology, genetic engineering as well as computer science, engineering and design. This course will make you learn about different biological circuits and their principles.

Synthetic biology is an interdisciplinary branch of biology, combining disciplines such as biotechnology, evolutionary biology, molecular biology, systems biology, biophysics, computer engineering, and genetic engineering. Students by doing this course will learn to engineer biological systems and other useful tools to solve everyday problems.

Why Take This Course?

The course is globally recognized and readies you for a career in biology and computer science. This is a free online course and participants will receive an instructor-signed certificate with the institution’s logo to verify your achievement and increase your job prospects.

Applicants can get a personalized, digital and printed certificate. This course will be offered with Video Transcripts.

Learning Outcomes

After the completion of this course participants will learn:

  • About the modern techniques in DNA assembly and regulation of gene expression and protein activity
  • About how to design basic biological circuits
  • About the principles for creating large-scale biological circuits and regulatory networks
  • About basic ODE modeling of biological systems with MATLAB


  • Adam Arkin
    Dean A. Richard Newton Memorial Professor of Bioengineering and Director of the Synthetic Biology Institute at UC Berkeley
  • Ron Weiss
    Professor of Biological Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Director of the Synthetic Biology Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology



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