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Scholarships By Qatar Foundation International

The Qatar Foundation International is located in the US and is a member of the Qatar Foundation. The main focus of the foundation is towards augmenting global citizenship using the means of education and training. Its resources are dedicated to projects and programs which fall under the purview of overall mission and objectives at connecting cultures across the globe. The Foundation offers Arabic Language and Culture grants to promote the language and develop a better understanding of its culture in public schools throughout the US.

Focused on developing global citizenship ideals and skills amongst the K-12 students in America and Qatar, the programs covered by the grants are for students across diverse social and economic backgrounds.

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The following are the different areas supported by the Foundation:

School and Instruction Opportunities 

Regional Teachers Council

Arabic Teachers Councils across the key cities are provided a forum for all teachers to connect, share learning’s and experiences along with best practices to enhance the level of professional teaching of the Arabic language.

Curriculum Development Grants

These grants are focused towards the creation, development and sharing all study modules and materials to advance the spread of learning the Arabic language. All the efforts are dedicated towards using latest advanced methods and technology to create and facilitate better learning. The material is made available online to all Arabic teachers free.

Grants to Schools

Under these grants, the QFI enables support to develop and promote teaching for in-school Arabic and culture related initiatives all the year around.

Student Opportunities 

These grants are made available for high school and undergraduate students in the US, Qatar and the Americas to develop their language and understanding of the culture across all communities.

These grants are for only QFI alumni or students from its global network of schools. It is also mandatory to be an active participant under the Youth Allied to Learn, Lead and Help (YALLAH) initiative. The specific ones are as follows:

Translation and Interpreting Institute, HBKU

The QFI designed a 3-week course as a pilot on an intensive Arabic study in collaboration with the Translation and Interpreting Institute (TII) of Hamad bin Khalifa University. This study was conducted in 2014 for advanced Arabic students wherein it hosted 10 US students who were proficient in the language.

Middlebury Monterey Language Academy – Arabic

This academy offers a 4-week long residential Arabic program in California. During the duration of the program, wherein the student takes a Pledge whereby they need to speak, read and write only Arabic through their stay there.

Concordia Language Village’s Al Waha

In Al-Waha, while Modern Standard Arabic, is the main language of instruction the diverse background of the staff enables the villagers appreciate the Arab Diaspora. These are two week programs for students between the age group of 8-18 years and while the four week program is for high school students who are given school credits too.

Teacher Opportunities

The grants are given to teachers to enable them to be better at their jobs in Brazil, Qatar and the US. The teachers are given additional training, and have an opportunity to work on improving content and the curriculum with exchange in ideas. They are as follows:

Teacher Initiative Grants

Grants are given on a monthly basis to Arabic teachers who teach in U.S. public pr provate charter schools. The grant is awarded to help develop the reach of Arabic programs and build a culture of excellence within the classroom. The grant can be uses to buy books, reference materials, organize events, field trips or participate in events that will aid growth and progress.

Teacher fellowships

These fellowships encourage current or prospective Arabic teachers who are working towards getting a certification in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language. Under this grant, teachers can avail up to USD 25,000 towards program fees. The focus is to equip teachers to work in public or charter schools across the U.S. and enable to be capable in teaching K-12 Arabic education.

Through the above initiative the QFI is working towards expanding the Arabic language and its culture within the youth. By involving various partners in the form of schools and teachers, the objective of building a network and a culture of collaboration is being met and achieved.