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Executive Education Program : Coles College of Business

Executive Education, often abbreviated as Exec. Ed. implies the branch of management where graduate level education is imparted to students in business schools. These are never degree programs; rather they are short-term certificate programs that are non-credit granting. Customized and tailored programs brush up your team building, leadership, persuading and negotiating skills. Executive education programs are excellent ways of imparting high education to the functional managers, executives and business leaders.

Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University

Executive Education Program from the Coles College of Business is formatted to monitor, create and manage human resource with tactics and strategies. The Coles Business School has been one of the respectable universities, which has been offering the effervescing job market with competent and well educated leaders, and serves responsibly the global business scenario.

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Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University has been maintaining a business and accounting accreditation of International yardsticks. It is among those 1.1% business schools that are acknowledged by AACSB, the most-prominent accreditation association globally. The Undergraduate, as well as the postgraduate program of Coles, has also won USASBE National Model Entrepreneurship Program award.


Coles School of Business has been acclaimed by various magazines and organizations. The Chief Executive Magazine has recommended it thoroughly with titles like “Go-To Business School.” Being the second largest business school in town of Georgia, the Princeton Review too, ranks it as one of the top Business schools. The New York Times has ranked it among 5 top colleges that focus in running the family businesses.

In the Best Colleges edition of the year 2014, Kennesaw State University has been ranked at the #69 by the U.S. News. Moreover, its Executive MBA program that is housed in the Coles College of Business has been considered as one of the best in the globe by CEO Magazine.


Coles College of Business caters to the educational services, arising in the middle of the career and is a certificate program. To suit the various needs of business organizations, the Coles Executive Education program is bifurcated into three categories-

-The first category is the program that is meant for the general public, also reported by the name of open enrollment. A certificate of completion is awarded after completing. The certificate does affect your credit in a professional specialization course that you are following, as well as you get credit from Kennesaw State University.

-The next category is a tailored program for business institutions, and it is delimited to the employees only. This is also a certificate program and affects the credit score of your professional specialization course.

-The third category is educational events that are offered to the general public or to specific entities from the market.

Importance or Efficacy of the Executive Education Program

Customized programs are essential as the market is constantly in a state of transition, from good to better. The shifts hence demand adequate brushing up of knowledge of the employees so that business strategies may be altered and made more responsive.

As the global job market realizes the necessity of Executive Education program, increasing number of Business schools are initiating the program.

How is the Coles Executive Education Program Differ from the Rest?

The Coles Executive Education Program has been specially formatted for people who are already in the market, but need some particular strategic approach to their business in achieving their goals. At Coles college, the following are the characteristics of the Executive education program.-

-Competitive Edge– Levels of competition have attained unattainable heights these days and if you are not strategic, scaling this height is impossible. The program is based on this principle.

-Pedagogue Excellence: At Coles, only the academically sound and competent are allowed as faculty.

-Balance in the Program: The content of the program is such formatted that generic and specific knowledge is equally concocted.

Meeting with the strategic demands of the market is a prime concern for various business organizations now and for that the industry is recruiting talent who is abreast of the advanced academy business model.

Opportunities of Different Executive Education Program at Coles College of Business

Attending Coles Executive programs broaden your horizon, you gather immense practical knowledge, and here is a closer look into the nature of programs-

Certified Managerial Coach Program

Level 1: October 3, 4 2014

The program comprising of nine days, costs you $3400, Level 1 will cost $900 and Level 2 $2500. Professional coaches and University professors deliver the curriculum that helps students to meet up with a career related expectations.

Fade In Film and Television Writing Program

Those working in the Entertainment industry can attain immense knowledge, from the program. Divided into two modules- Module I comprising of writing for Film, commencing August 20 to October 8, 2014 and Module II, comprising of Writing for TV- commencing from September 8th to October 27th, 2014- the program gives a comprehensive knowledge in developing an idea and presenting it on screen.

Certificate in Mergers and Acquisitions

Dates of the Program: 3 November, 1 Dec. 2014, 12 Jan., Feb.9, 2 March, 30 March 2015

Often known by the name of Certificate in M&A, this Coles program is a collective program that sheds light about the M&A community. Scattered over a time of six days, where each day a module is taught, will cost you close to $3500 for each module.

Certificate Program in Project Management

Dates: 7-10 October, 2014

In collaboration with Georgia State University, this program will be taught by the top-notch Project Manager Practitioner and Professor- Richard Deane. Under his guidance students will get the knowledge on the real-worlds projects so that they will lead as a consultant in a large or small scale projects.

The Management of Innovation

Innovation matters in the present global competition and the program deal with innovative principles and tactics, using them in practical life, and how to optimize performance by using these strategies.


Under the University System of Georgia, the scholarships of Kennesaw State University are provided to both the Staff Senate Employees and the freshman and transferred students for various accredited courses.

Staff Senate Scholarships are provided to the employees of KSU, who want to enroll themselves in the different courses by filling out the online application before the commencement of the academic session.

Each year the KSU Foundation Scholarships are awarded to the students who are academically brilliant and the students who need financial assistance.

Moreover, the transferred and enrolled students are also eligible for Merit Based and Need-Based Scholarships. However, for the merit-based scholarships students has to be very meritorious with extraordinary leadership and potential skills. Need-Based scholarships are also given to the financially weak student but have excellent leadership skills and good academic background.

For the next academic session, scholarships contact the Director of the Executive education program of Coles School of Business to obtain further information.

Apropos to the above conversation, it is indubitable that the Executive Education program, beginning this year at Coles isn’t just broadening your knowledge horizon but also improves your chances to bag the dream job.

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