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Reading : A Desirable Practice

The essentials of gaining knowledge are highly dependent on the practice of reading that goes hand in hand with learning. Reading helps in opening of the mind and also helps in generating a thought procedure that can improve one’s outlook.

The art of reading requires a high degree concentration. It generates a high end of vocabulary enhancement that further helps in speaking skills and also furnishes ones intelligence. Reading is productive as it provides a complete array of information and the more on dwells in the subject more insight can be generated through the same.

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Reading can be considered as a deep well where information is available throughout till the end and even the end opens more options of further enriching ones knowledge. It is through the process of reading that one learns about many aspects that have otherwise not been a part of discussion.

Reading skills need to be accurate and enhanced to make the practice enjoyable. Few tips on enhancing the skills will come handy for readers who have recently adopted the practice and need more motivation to continue the same.

Read What Interests You

Standing at a bookstore we often pass our fingers through each and every book on the stand but are unable to make a choice as to which one will be able to offer the most interesting story. The best way is to look at the chapters in a glance. One could read the preface and look at the bringing of the book and make a decision. It is like looking for what we have in mind. If searching for mystery novel then you would be more motivated reading the preface which opens a little door but unable you to enter and thus generates an interest to know further. Do not get carried away by the cover although a lot can be judged by the same but still flip your fingers and read an opening paragraph of the page. Few lines would be enough to grip your attention and seek your interest.

Necessary Reading

Reading the newspaper or the general knowledge books are essential readings. In this competitive world one has to be fully aware of the happenings around us. Globalization has left us with limited excuses regarding any updations and thus we need to engage into the necessary readings for the day. Newspapers are a sea of information and are enriched with vocabulary and also help in enhancing the speed of a reader as one has to glance through the entire 20-25 pages in a limited time.

Active Reading

Active reading is a dedicated mode of reading that is usually handy while studying. In the process of active reading one must concentrate and focus on the reading material as it needs to be grasped and not glanced alone. Highlighting the important parts is a good point to start with. Summarizing the main ideas behind the reading helps in memorizing.

Learn through Reading

Reading can be considered as the best practice but only when learning comes along with it. One must make a point of learning through his reading habit. This means that reckless reading can be pleasurable and stress free at times but mostly reading should be able to bring out some form of learning in the reader. This helps in becoming more productive in life. Each time when you sit to read you must close your eyes for few minutes and analyze what you have been able to learn through your reading. Even a comic book can give out a moral learning and hence each bit that is being read can generate learning.

Add More Information to Your Reading

With advancement of technology and Google at the finger tips each and everything can be further dwelled into. Read a topic and then gain more insight knowledge about the same. Search the topic and find more relevant information regarding it. This practice will help you to learn more in depth to your readings and will give you more subject to converse on.

Reading can be seen as a hobby or as a necessity but overall it can be classified as a productive base for a bright future and success. It ensures growth in some form or the other and can be one of the good habits that a person acquires.  A book can be your best friend all you need to do is learn the right method to read it.

Nidhi Malhotra