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Samsung Electronics Global Scholarhip Program for Masters Studies, Korea

GSP-SNU(Samsung Electronics Global Scholarship Program for MS Degree in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering in Korea)
Study Subject:Computer Science and Electronics Engineering
Employer:Samsung Electronics
Description: Samsung Electronics announces the launching of the Global Scholarship Program at the Seoul National University (GSP-SNU Program) for receiving the Master of Sciences Degree. This program is oriented toward brilliant students majoring in computer science, engineering, physics, and mathematics.

The GSP-SNU Program is meant for students willing to receive the Master of Sciences Degree in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering. The education is conducted for 2 years at The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Seoul National University.

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The Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering has six departments:

1. Information, Telecommunication, and Radio Science
2. Control, Instrumentation, and Automation
3. Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits
4. Computer and Very Large Scale Integration Systems
5. Electrophysics and Lasers
6. Electric Energy Systems
1. Samsung Pays for Admission and Tuition
2. Samsung Grants Money Allowance (USD 1,000 per month)
3. Samsung Provides Dormitory for Living
4. Samsung Annually Pays for Airfare (Moscow-Seoul, Seoul-Moscow [once a year])
5. Samsung Internship is Available after Passing 75% of the Studies
6. Samsung Offers a Position in South Korea after Graduation for 2 Years
7. Samsung Offers a Position in Moscow after Work in Korea

General Requirements
1. B.Sc. or M.Sc. Degree
2. Major in Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, or Mathematics
3. Grade Point Average (GPA) more than 4.8
4. Excellent Knowledge of English
5. Possibility to present 2 references

Any citizen of the Russian Federation may apply for the GSP-SNU Program.

Application Deadline: February, 2011

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