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Are There Scholarships For Catholic Elementary Schools?

If you are a catholic and not much sound financially, you may look for special catholic scholarships which are also available at the elementary school level. Catholic scholarships are mainly offered by churches, catholic schools and Christian organizations, and just opposite to the popular belief, they are not only meant for individuals willing to serve the almighty at the church. There are several catholic scholarships at the elementary level which are helpful for the young students to get admission in well reputed academic institutions.

Josephine C. Conolly Achievement Award

This four year scholarship is also meant for the standard 8th candidates of a school, who possess a strong academic background. You can cover almost 33% of your tuition fee in any of the Archdiocesan school or even at the Mercy Vocational High School.

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Neumann Scholarship Program

This one is designed for students who are currently there in Catholic elementary schools, studying in the 8th standard, academically very strong which is judged by competitive examinations. This four year scholarship will enable the students to study in the Archdiocesan high school of their own choice. Almost 900 candidates can sit for the exam to be eligible for the scholarship at the elementary level.

St. Thomas More Association

This is considered to be one of best scholarships that cover $1000 for each of the 75 students who are academically quite well versed and hence eligible for the same. Some preferences are also given to students who are active in school, church activities or even in sports.

Vianney Scholars Program

Students at the elementary level, who have a strong desire of joining the Archdiocesan high schools or other Catholic schools for seniors, can apply for this scholarship that pays around $3000 per year as the amount. They need to be at the 8th grade and also need to qualify a test which will select the best candidate among them.

The Future Foundation And The Maguire Foundation

This scholarship is meant for 6 academically strong and eligible candidates each of whom will get a $3000 per year as the sanctioned amount. The students need to get around 85% at their 7th grade to be eligible for the same. Their families must apply to the PSAS for availing the scholarship and also for other benefits.

The Charles Ellis Trust Scholarships For Girls

This one is quite helpful for a girl child who wishes to attend the high school from the elementary level but is not that well placed as far as the financial matters are concerned. Additional preferences will be given to students who come from a family run by a single parent (father or mother) or even none, and must be studying at 12th grade or below. She must be academically quite strong and her family must have an annual income that meets the criteria set by the trust.

There are several other scholarships which may be considered by the catholic students at the elementary level, like the John T. Mitchell Memorial Trust scholarships, Guardsmen Scholarship programs and Douglas Country Schools choice Program etc.

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