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Best Scholarships For High ACT Scores

Find the Right Scholarships for Students with High ACT Scores

The American College Test, commonly abbreviated as ACT, is a standardized test designed to measure basic English, Mathematics, Science and Comprehension skills.

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Lots of colleges and universities require the submission of ACT scores by students during the process of admission and they offer good scholarships to the pupils securing high scores in the test.

Some of the best scholarships for students with high ACT scores are listed below:

Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship

This grant covers both housing and tuition expenses in an Evans Scholarship House on behalf of the student and can be renewed for up to four years at the option of the Foundation. It is necessary for the applicants to meet specific requirements, including an amazing track record, strong caddie record, and outstanding character.

It is necessary for the applicant of the scholarship to demonstrate economic needs. The students must have caddied for a minimum of two years at a WGA-affiliated club, rank in the upper quarter of their class, positively exhibit their requirement for financial assistance, possess outstanding leadership skills, integrity and character, and secure a B grade average in college preparatory classes.

Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship

The Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship award depends on the merit of the students and includes cost-of-education allowance as well as personal stipend to support student needs.

The former allowance is accepted by every tenable school as a substitute for tuitions and fees. The Hertz Fellowship, therefore, possesses no liability for any regular educational expenses.

Hatton W. Summers Law Scholarship

One of the most prestigious scholarships in the nation, the Hatton W. Summers Scholarship is a distinguished scholarship program for students and the Oklahoma City University School of Law is one of only two programs in the country to provide access to these awards.

The award consists of a renewable full-tuition scholarship, a small living stipend, an annual book allowance. The aim of this scholarship is to foster and encourage excellence in legal scholarship and help them develop the highest sense of duty to serve their community.

Regions Academic Scholarship

Students who have got good ACT scores can apply for the Regions Academic Scholarship. This is a renewable award which provides an amount of $12,500 on an annual basis for tuition costs along with a UAB summer research stipend worth $1000. The scholarship also includes an on-campus housing allotment.

Charles William Ireland Presidential Honors Scholarship

The Charles William Ireland Presidential Honours Scholarship is a renewable award which offers a cash amount of $12000 each year towards tuition costs along with a summer research stipend at the University of Alabama at Birmingham for $1000. It also comprises of on-campus housing allotment.

Mccallum Presidential Scholarship

The McCallum Presidential Scholarship offers students with good ACT stores an amount of $12000 towards tuition costs. This renewable award also includes a UAB summer research stipend worth $1000 as well as an on-campus housing allotment.

Mississippi State University Scholarships

The Mississippi State University has various scholarships in store for students who have managed to secure a good ACT score, including the 4-H Academic Scholarship, the AICE Cambridge Diploma Scholarship, and the International Baccalaureate Scholarship.

The Amigo Scholars Program

Offered by the University of New Mexico, the Amigo Scholars Program is renewable for a period of four years and is offered to students with good ACT scores.

The Gateway Award Program

The Ohio University accepts applicants for the Gateway Award Program who have managed to secure high scores in the ACT tests.

Rit Achievement Scholarships

The Rochester Institute of Technology offers the RIT Achievement Scholarships to freshman applicants with strong extracurricular achievements.

The importance of good ACT in the future studies of students cannot be discounted since they open up wonderful opportunities for students to avail scholarships.

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