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Scholarships For Military Wives

The people of armed forces are considered of a very coveted community that is given preferential treatment due to the nature and the risk at hand of the job itself. All countries and their government have special assistance; policies and benefits aimed at making the life easier, better and create strong foundation not only for the servicemen but also their spouses and families.

One of the major areas wherein benefits or support is provided is the opportunity for the betterment of spouses or the military wives. Some of the benefits are for the widows of martyrs and the others for the current servicemen and veterans.

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Scholarships For Military Wives

Some grants and scholarships are as follows:

Mycaa Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts

This scholarship is given by the U.S. Department of Defense and is available for spouses of active servicemen, excluding the Coast Guard. The program allots a maximum financial benefit of $4000 for completing their study within a time period of three years after receiving this grant. The financial assistance covers associate degrees, certification and licensures. The amount is paid directly to the school or educational institution.

Bryant & Stratton College Scholarship For Military Wives

The College offers a “Salute to Spouses”, scholarship for military wives of active servicemen. The recipients receive an amount if $6000 to pursue their educational goals and aspirations by studying further and getting a degree.

Spouse Education Assistance Program

Under this program, spouses of Army soldiers can apply for financial support while studying for a 4 year undergraduate course in a university.

PM’s Scholarship-The Indian Military

The Indian government has the PM’s Scholarship for the widows of ex-servicemen or ex-Coast Guard to pursue higher technical and professional educational opportunities. Annually, 4000 such scholarships are available for applicants.

General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program

The program is run and managed by the Air Force Aid Society which was established in 1942 to help the Air Force officers and their families achieve their education goals and aspirations. Grants are given based on a need based criterion to ensure that the really needy families get the right amount of financial support and aid. Spouses can get of atleast $2000 in grants to pursue full time education or degree programs. The program applies to active servicemen, widows of the martyrs and the veterans too.

Mike & Gail Donley Spouse Scholarship

This scholarship is given by the Air Force Association to spouses of active servicemen and cadets. The objective is to encourage the spouse to enroll in associate, bachelor or graduate/postgraduate degrees across the globe. The amount received is $2500 which is not renewable.

Spouse/ Caregiver Scholarships

Awarded by the Hope for Warriors organization, this scholarship is aimed to providing a financial support and an opportunity for the spouse or the caregiver in a family to be educated and be career ready in order to support the financial well-being of their families. The scholarship amount is paid to the institution directly and can be used as tuition fees, books and other associated expenses.

Military Service Recognition Scholarship (Msrs)

This scholarship is designed to provide aid to families and spouses of the armed forces of the United States. The objective is to empower them financially so they can complete their education and be financially independent.

The Military Order Of The Purple Heart Scholarship Program

This is awarded to annually approximately 80 deserving individuals which includes Purple Heart recipients and their families and spouses.

Navy Seal Foundation Scholarships

These scholarships are completely based on merit and potential of the applicants. The spouses need to be of active servicemen. There are multiple scholarships given on an annual basis and of varying amounts.
Military Spouse Scholarships
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