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Military Spouse Scholarships, 2018

This section offers updated information regarding different military spouse scholarships to help military spouses in getting meaningful employment and to better contribute in their family’s financial security. Military personnel are the most respected citizens of the country; they deserve best facilities in all sectors. To support the soldiers and their families in the education sector, various scholarships and aids are offered. Number of universities and financial institutions in USA provide financial support to soldiers and their spouses. these endowments for military spouses, military children or soldiers offer education assistance to the deserving and needy candidates. Go through the list for the best scholarships available for US Soldiers and Military Spouses.

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is funding up to $30,000 in post-high school scholarship support to each of the seven children. Applicants must have a GPA of at least 2.0. They must plan to attend an accredited undergraduate college, university or vocational/technical institution in the upcoming academic year.



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NMFA Military Spouse Scholarships
The mission of this application program is to help prepare military spouses for meaningful employment and to better contribute to their family’s financial security. Scholarship selection is based on your completion of some survey questions. The scholarship funds may be used for tuition, fees, and school room and board for degree seeking (undergraduate and graduate degrees, including PhDs and post-doctoral programs).

Corvias Foundation Military Spouse Scholarships
Corvias Foundation strives to support the educational goals of the spouses of our active duty Service Members. The educational grant is $5,000 one-time award. Applicants must attend community college, technical college or university.

SGM DRUM Military Spouse Scholarships
Twenty-four opportunities are awarded annually, totaling $35,000. Applicants are divided into two categories – High School Seniors (Incoming College Freshmen) and Returning College Students (sophomores to seniors).  Adult applicants (military retirees/spouses) may apply in the Returning College Student category. Identical opportunities are awarded for each category – one $5,000, one $2,500 and ten $1,000 scholarships.  These opportunities are for students attending two or four year accredited, degree-granting colleges or universities.

Veterans United foundation grant
This program provides a five bi-annual scholarships to military members and their families to support in their education. Applicants must be pursuing a post graduate degree at any college and some standard requirements: an active service member, spouse of the service member, surviving spouse of fallen soldier or a child f service member.

Scholarships for Military Children Programme
The programme for military children was created to help service members and their families. A minimum of one $2,000 support will be awarded at every commissary location where qualified applications are received. More than one scholarship per commissary may be available based on response and funding. The scholarship provides for payment of tuition, books, lab fees and other related expenses.

MyCAA Military Spouse program
University of Maryland is providing up to $4,000 toward spouse education. Waivers will be available for spouses pursuing licensure or certification up to the total maximum assistance of $4,000. Spouses must finish their program of study within three years from the start date of the first course. The application deadlines are June 1 and November 1 each year.

CCME Military Spouse Scholarships
The Council of College and Military Educators (CCME) offers $1000 scholarships each year to United States Service members (active duty/veterans) and spouses of Service members. The application period starts from July 1 to October 1 each year.

Spouse Education Assistance Program
It is a need based program to help spouses of Army soldiers in obtaining a 4-year undergraduate degree. Awards do not exceed four academic years for full-time students and do not exceed eight academic years for part-time students. Funds are to assist with academic expenses at the attending University/School and will be disbursed equally between fall/spring semesters or fall/ winter /spring quarters to assist with tuition, books, fees and supplies. The applications deadline is May 1.

Paralyzed Veterans of America Military Spouse Scholarships
This program was originally devised to provide some financial reprieve for Paralyzed Veterans members and their families so that they may achieve their goals in the academic arena. The result of this competitive process is a monetary scholarship to assist them in reaching their post-secondary educational goals. Applicant must be accepted and enrolled as a full-time or part-time student in an accredited US college or university. Application deadline is April.

Spouse/Caregiver program
The Spouse/Caregiver program identifies, recognizes, and rewards spouses/caregivers for their strength, fidelity, and resolve despite adversity. Awards are $5,000 to be made co-payable to the program recipient’s institution for payment of tuition, books and supplies and may be reapplied for up to four years for a maximum of $20,000. Application deadline is 16 October.

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