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Seeking For Scholarships In TESL / TEFL

Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) and Teaching English as Second Language (TESL) are two certifications required in order to teach English to students. TESL is the term used to teach students in those countries where English is the standard language in the community such as in Canada, Australia etc. On the other hand, TEFL is a term used to teach English in those regions where English is not an everyday language, such as in countries like Brazil and Korea.

Why Opt for This Certificate Course?

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In this contemporary world of ESL teaching, there are many benefits that one can enjoy if they have successfully completed the TESL/TEFL certificate course. The TESL/TEFL Certificate is robust enough that enables the applicants to acquire decent English teaching job in any national and international colleges and universities, especially in the locations where ESL market is soaring up. And when this certificate is accompanied with other higher degrees then it becomes really illustrious indeed. There are many online and on-campus institutions across the world offering TESL/TEFL certification programs. They also offer graduate placement assistance to applicants for teaching English abroad.

Opportunities after TESL/TEFL Certification  

The person with high school degree or bachelor degree is eligible for pursing this certificate course. After successfully completing this certification they become eligible for teaching English in any international colleges or universities where ESL market is soaring. They also become eligible to teach English virtually from anywhere across the globe. A quality TEFL/TESL certification is must which will help you to become a better teacher in English language. This will also help you to increase your potential for earning higher salary and it will definitely open doors for you to work in better school environment in the midst of reliable folks.

Many universities offer these courses as graduate and postgraduate courses and also offer financial aid in form of scholarships. Some of the Universities offering such scholarships are mentioned below.

Humber School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The TESL/TEFL course at this University is a specialized post-graduate credential one which is accredited by TESL Ontario and TESL Canada standard II. Students learn from a highly experienced faculty which helps students to understand the core structure of the course. Further, students are also taught how to teach in a classroom setting and they can practice these skills in various programs such as academic and occupation specific programs. It is a full-time program and is not offered as part-time or online course. Humber College offers a number of scholarships and bursaries to deserving students. Apart from Humber College scholarships, there are a number of outside scholarships as well as continuing college scholarships for which students can apply. A look at their Financial Aid page will give you a better idea.

Colorado State University

The University offers a number of options to pursue TESL/TEFL, such as M.A in English with graduate curriculum focused on TEFL/TESL, a Joint M.A with Department of Foreign Language, a Peace Corps Masters International (PCMI) or M.A in TEFL/TESL. Colorado State University offers TESL/TEFL scholarship to outstanding students of the TESL/TEFL graduate program. This scholarship is funded by INTO CSU English Language Program. You can learn more about the scholarship criteria and application of their official page.

Indiana State University

The Indiana State University offers a graduate certificate program which enables students to teach in a variety of places, including US schools and other Educational institutes throughout US and Canada. The course is taught by faculty of Department of Languages, Literature and Linguistics. The program is available entirely online and is a 12-credit hour program. The notes and important lessons are made available online for the ease of students. Although the university does not offer financial aid for certificate programs, students can take help of private loans or make use of various payment plans and veteran benefits.

Avila University

The Avila Graduate School of Education provides TESL/TEFL for all the students pursuing an M.A in English. The course is a 33 credit hour course and each class is 3 credit hours. Students can avail the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFS) which can be applied online at Fafsa site. Avila’s code is 002449. Furthermore, you can also check for graduate assistance-ships.


This educational institute offers completely online courses of TEFL/TESL with experienced tutors disseminating lectures. Being an online course, anyone across the globe can study it and they also offer 24 hour student center for support. ICAL offer scholarships in terms of part-time scholarships for those students who meet one of the many criteria mentioned. The amount of the scholarships varies according to the need and situation of the student. You can learn more about their scholarships by visiting their official scholarship page.

You can do your TESL/TEFL course from one of the above universities and earn certification to be able to teach English language in any of the Educational Institutes world-wide.