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SRM University Offering Dual Degree With Japan’s Shizuoka University For PhD Students

Recently, SRM University, Chennai, India has taken the lead to introduce integrated, flexible dual degree program for PhD students with an aim to make higher education more industry centric and allure more students to focus on two different degrees in parallel, in different country and university.

All students pursuing PhD in SRM University will now get the opportunity to earn two degrees in parallel, the second from Japan‡s Shizuoka University, officials of university said.

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The concept of dual degree for PhD students is totally new and gradually becoming popular in the nation, as gaining degrees from more than one country and university is seen as an advantage in the labor marketplace today, the officials further added. With the launch of dual degree concept, SRM University is on its way to set trends for others to follow.

According to the memorandum signed between the universities, all PhD students will pursue two years degree from SRM first and then move to Japan for another three years. They will perform research in both the universities and finally walk away with two degrees, once each from Shizuoka University and SRM University, Chennai.

On 4th of February 2015, the SRM-Shizuoka dual degree for PhD students was introduced in the inaugural event of 3rd International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

Mimura from Shizuoka University said on the event that, this dual degree program is only open to limited students and hence there will be tough competition amongst the applicants to earn the dual PhD degree. He further added that SRM University has slight edge because of the MoU signed between the universities and only the best applicants will be selected to pursue the dual degree program.

The event was conducted by the department of physics and nanotechnology, SRM University and it recorded participation from over 47 speakers who delivered their valuable lectures in the event.

The dual degree program for PhD students is the result of the MoU signed between the two renowned universities and the program comprises a curriculum that is mutually designed by the two universities and the program will be regulated by a specific set of guidelines.

During the PhD Program, the Doctoral Committee of SRM University will allow the selected candidates to spend up to three years in Japan and they will be permitted to carry out research outside university in areas related to the subject of investigation.


The minimum academic qualification needed to enroll in the PhD dual degree program is PG Degree/PG Diploma of two years duration which is recognized by respective statutory bodies for pursing research.

SRM University has its own Doctoral Committee that receives applications and selects only the eligible students to pursue PhD at the university. This year a new concept of dual degree for PhD students has been introduced by the university to stimulate curiosity for and love for higher education, which will further expand the scope of educational opportunity and access for all eligible students.

The SRM‡s Doctoral Committee is working closely with Japan‡s Shizuoka University to render an exceptional way of getting internationally recognized qualifications and dual degrees.

For detailed Information go through SRM University Website.