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Education Program for Gifted Youth at Stanford University – EPGY

Stanford University, is located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, and is one of the top universities of the world. The University undertakes and is a leading player in the development of new ways of learning and research oriented programs.

The EPGY is such an initiative wherein it’s a continuous research project involving over 40 years of research, focused on the development of computer aided and based multimedia courses. The target students include the ones who are specially gifted and have tremendous potential. Some of the subjects covered include English, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Programming etc.

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The aim of the initiative is to provide students who have high ability across all levels through schools, an opportunity to have access to high-quality courses backed by in-depth research irrespective of their location. Additionally, the initiative also aims to equip students with this additional resource without leaving the comfort environs of their own schools. The course structure is designed with highly personalized instruction and takes into account the differences between individual students. Students can progress at their own pace helping them to add to their overall educational experience.

Some Of The Key Features Of This Program Are Highlighted Below

Advanced Technology And Curriculum

All courses under the EPGY curriculum are based on the latest technology platforms involving a combination of multimedia and automation to assess the work submitted by students. Students are encouraged to proceed at their own individual pace and constant innovation is introduced in enhancing the overall learning experience using technology aids. The instructional software is in keeping with the changing dynamics of computer based learning methods.

Instructional Support

There are two kinds of available course options. One is the instructor guided courses which contain instructional support from teachers who are experts in the area of working with gifted and talented students. They make use of cutting-edge tools that help students gain knowledge, answer their queries and build relationships via an interaction module. The second kind is the school programs where dedicated program managers are appointed to oversee everything. The individuals are trained professionals who have knowledge and expertise in imparting learning through new methods.

Technical Support

The entire course structure under EPGY is based on technology and the experts behind the overseeing of the entire course deployment are a team of the best technicians from Stanford. The technical support team ensures that all elements of the complete curriculum and the way it is imparted is seamless without any issues from the students end.

Focused On Delivering Real Results

This program has been in existence since 25 years and the course always focuses on ensuring that students gain the benefit and the overall program is effectively implemented to meet its objectives.

Delving Further Into The Various Course Types, Herein Are The Relevant Details On Them

Instructor Guided Courses

The program is comprehensive and tailor made for students who are talented and wish to achieve their potential. The core feature of this course is the personalized involvement of highly trained Stanford instructors who work with students through the course and help them achieve their academic goals. The courses serve the K-12 students and each instructor works with the students to place them at the level which is optimum for them. The course is conducted on per subject basis, on a quarterly basis and is self-paced. The key highlights are as follows:

(a) Stanford trained instructors-Each instructor undergoes comprehensive training in the way to impart the course, work with the student and complement the computer based curriculum by lending their knowledge and expertise.

-They are accessible to the students via various modes like a call, mails and via the virtual classrooms
-They follow the progress of each student, evaluate assignments and become a sounding board for any questions or issues

(b) Personalized Instruction- The instructors bring in the personal element to a technology enabled structure.

-The instructors aid the students in giving timely feedback on their submissions
-Students also have the opportunity to work on traditional assignments

(c) Multimedia Environment & Virtual Classroom-The lectures are brief and last not more than 5 minutes, cover the context succinctly.

-The classes are engaging with real time virtual mode wherein students and instructors connect and discuss things
-One can easily connect using the Internet, whiteboard and conferencing facilities
-Students are engaged with the help of entertaining animated videos

Open Enrollment Courses

The format of this course is self reliant, independent needing no special application process. Students from KG to 7th grade can enroll in K-7 Mathematics, Language Arts and Writing, and Beginning Algebra. This format is best suited for gifted students who are undergoing home schooling or wish to accelerate their learning in addition to their normal school curriculum. In this course, parents guide the students, acting like their instructors and the software does the part related to assessment, progress review and feedback.

Program Milestones

-More than 10,000 gifted students enroll in the EPGY Instructor Guided courses annually
-The EPGY program extends its services and provides K-12 courses to more than 50 school districts through the USA
-The program also includes international reach with EPGY affiliates working with more than 2000 students across 100 schools in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Canada
-The program has covered more than 950,000 students and families since its inception

All of the above reasons make this unique research driven initiative a successful and innovative way to encourage students to achieve their potential in addition to mainstream education.