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Student Loans for International Students

If you are unable to obtain any scholarship or grant for your studies abroad, another option may be to take a loan to meet your costs. As the loan funding is dependent on the applicant’s country so international students may not qualify for them outside their home country.

Financing an education to study abroad can be difficult for international students. Paying for college education in UK, USA, Australia and Canada is rather harder for them.

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Thousands of students go abroad to join private universities to take undergraduate and masters degree courses. Although local students can receive loans in their country, but these valuable loans are not available for international students.

In USA, the citizen students can get government loans such as Stafford Loans which are not available for international students. However there are private bank loans and these can be available with the US cosigner.

In European Union, most full-time and part-time undergraduate students from the EU will receive a Tuition Fee Loan to pay for their college courses fee. There are maintenance grants and loans also available to help local students.

For international non-EU students the eligibility to get government loans can be complicated.

In UK, the majority of funding is derived from Government funds which is restricted to home (UK) students. This means international students are not eligible for UK Student Loans.

Bank Loans in USA for International Students

In USA, for international students that do not have the personal capital available to pay for the university degree programs, student loans may be obtained by banks.

Types of Loans for International Students

For international students, there are generally two types of loans you may apply for:

  1. Loans from U.S. banks that require a U.S. based cosigner to guarantee the loan,
  2. Loans from U.S. and international banks that do not require a U.S. based cosigner.

Loans from U.S. banks that require a U.S. based cosigner to guarantee the loan

Several US banks offer loans to international students who have a family member, relative or friend who is willing to cosign the loan. The cosigner (citizen or permanent resident) guarantees that the loan will be paid after you return to your home country.

The Guarantor must have a good Credit history and have to have a certain level of income.

Loans from U.S. and international banks that do not require a cosigner

Since the number of international students increasing in USA every year, there are companies who are offering student loans to international students without a US based cosigner. However these loans may require some sort of collateral to secure the loan.

There are some companies offering private loans for international and distance learning students that does not require a co-signer from another country. You should be careful here because they might charge much higher interest rates.

Popular Loans for International Students

International Student Loan Program (ISLP) and Study Abroad Loan Progam (SALP) is an alternative loan program for international students to study at approved US colleges and universities.

Global Student Loan Corporation (GSLC) offers student loans for international students. It do not require a US citizen or permanent resident to co-sign the loan.

Canadian Higher Education Loan Program (CanHELP) is an alternative loan program for Canadian college and university students to study in the USA and approved schools throughout the world.

Credila Financial Services offers private education loans to students from India. Credila is a subsidiary of the Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC), the largest mortgage lender in India.

In the UK, the UK Council for International Student Affairs provides advice on fees, fees status, funding and student support for international students.

Home Country Study Loans

Easiest way to get student loan for studying abroad is to apply for loan in home country. It is easy to satisfy home country loan requirements on your own sold, however, no cosigner will be required.

Scholarships Alternatives

Whatever your means, there’s no need to fall into the student loans. Students can take their time, focus on their grades and test scores, and apply for several scholarships available for international students.

Cheaper Study Destinations Alternatives

Cost of studying in countries like UK, USA, Australia and Canada can go up to £10,000 to £40,000 per year for courses which may be studied cheaper in other countries.

Students should chose least expansive study destinations such as Germany and France where annual cost can be just £ 4200 per year.

Wishing you success!

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