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Student Debt and “I Do” 

Attending college, especially for a secondary degree, is something that most people look forward to doing (and saving up for…) for years, if not decades. A college degree holds a myriad of benefits like job stability, career satisfaction, and more. However, as the student loan debt total in America now hovers around $1.6 trillion, it has become …

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SmartCredit Education Loan for Nigerian Students

SmartCredit educational loan is an unsecured personal instalment loan provided by Standard Chartered bank designed to help you fulfill your dreams and live life to the max. This loan can be used to pay college fees and living expanses. Students with the help of family and ferinds who have a full time job can apply …

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Student Loans for International Students

If you are unable to obtain any scholarship or grant for your studies abroad, another option may be to take a loan to meet your costs. As the loan funding is dependent on the applicant’s country so international students may not qualify for them outside their home country. Financing an education to study abroad can …

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