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UK Student Visa : First Step Towards Your Dreams 

If you are planning to do MBA from a UK university, then one thing which you will have to be ready for other than excellent academics and competitive exam score is student visa UK.

Every year thousands of students plan to get admission in any good university of UK for higher studies like MBA, MBBS, MSC or any other course, but due to failure in getting student VISA, they can’t fulfill their dreams. So before taking any further step, you should know about a few important facts about student visa UK which will help you in the future if you decide to do your MBA from UK.

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The first thing that you should know is that student visa UK is of three types: student visitor visa, tier 4 (general) student visa, and tier 4 (child) student visas.

Student visitor VISA is given to those students who wish to apply for a short course or training in UK. Your education qualification, communications skills and documents are monitored closely at the time of VISA application. If you have not completed 18 years, then you can apply for tier 4 (child) student visa. The most important visa among these three types is tier 4 (general) student visa.

Tier 4 (General) Student VISA

There are a few conditions that you have to fulfill if you want to apply for a Tier 4 (general) STUDENT VISA UK. For example-

-You must be less than 16 years old
-You should be proficient in all the three departments of communication i.e. speaking, reading and writing English
-You should have been offered a place in any university of UK
-Your financial condition should be strong enough to pay off your debts and all expenses in UK
-You should not belong to any country from European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland
-You should fulfill the minimum criteria set by UK government to obtain a student visa UK.

The next question which may arise in any students’ mind is the duration of the visa. The complete process doesn’t take more than a few weeks, but still you should apply at least three months prior to starting off your course. You can get the final decision of visa committee within first three weeks itself, so you can proceed further accordingly.

Fees of The VISA

If you apply for a student visa UK, then it will cost you around £310. In case you switch or extend by post, then cost of visa may go up to £422 and if you opt for premium extend in UK then it can cost you around £822.

Arrival in UK

If you are on a short term course i.e. less than six months duration, then you can’t arrive in UK more than a week before the commencement of your course. At the same time, if you have taken admission in a course that will last more than 6 months, then you can arrive in UK one month prior to start of your course, but not before that.

Do’s and Don’ts of Student VISA

If you have got student visaUK, then there are a few points regarding do’s and don’ts in UK which you should always keep in mind before to keep yourself out of trouble- 

-Study full time
-You can be a student leader union sabbatical officer
-You can apply to extend your stay in UK
-You can work according to the guidelines of your course.

-You can’t get public funds
-You cannot work as a sports coach or a professional sports person

You can bring your family members in UK after fulfilling certain formalities. Some of the other points that you can keep in mind are as follow-


If you have applied for a student VISA in UK, then you can only take admission in a course that is considered on level six according to National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Your course should be full-time and organized for 15 hours per week at least.

So whenever you decide to apply for a student visa in UK, make sure you keep in mind all the above stated points for a comfortable experience.