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Students Should Not Miss to Read These 10 Latest Books

Students Should Not Miss to Read These 10 Latest Books

You must have heard of the magical books that will help you find your soul mate in 10 days. Maybe you have come across a diet book that guarantees you will lose 20 pounds in a week.

While these books may not sound authentic, there still are some popular and useful books that help students build their careers and achieve their goals.

Whether you are continuing the graduation or looking for jobs, you can read these personality development books and collect useful information.

Just like how you are supposed to read Shakespeare and Austen books in literature class, you should devote some time to reading life, personality, business, and job-related books to develop yourself.

Let‡s have a look at the 10 interesting and useful books that every student should read.

Small Move, Big Change

Every year, people make new resolutions. When it comes to children, most of them make a resolution of doing well in the next semester. However, most people fail to stick to the new resolution. What do you think is the most common reason why people struggle with following their resolution plan?

Caroline Arnold explains that the most common reason why we end up breaking New Year‡s resolution is that the resolutions we decide are way too complicated and vague to be followed in the long run.

She explains how adding ‘microresolutions‡ can bring real changes in our lives and help us get better over time. The book is a must-read for students who want to change their annoying habits or bring some little yet important changes in life.

  • Author: Caroline L. Arnold
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Leadership and Self-deception

If you have a habit of judging others, throwing tantrums, and disrespecting the people around; you sure need to read this book by the Arbinger Institute.

It will explain how the problem is in your mentality. What can you do to improve your personality and start respecting others? It‡s a wonderful book for students who want to learn some positive habits.

  • Author: The Arbinger Institute
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Because Internet

Gone are the days when the black and white text was used for chatting. As technology is evolving, people are getting used to the Emojis and GIFs to communicate. Who has the time to type those lengthy text messages? People rather search for interesting and relevant GIFs or send those abbreviated terms for chatting. If you use social media sites, you must have heard of these abbreviations. For example, OFTD, ROFL, LOL, NVM, and so on.

Well, learning this new language will help you stay up-to-date with the new technology. Because the Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language will give you a quick insight into the evolution of the internet language.

  • Author: Gretchen McCulloch
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This book by Amanda Ripley gained immense popularity. Students are often concerned about the Tsunami, Earthquake, unpredictable natural calamities, and terrorism. We spend lots of time thinking about what if a natural disaster strikes. How are we going to protect our family? What should we do in such times? Well, you don‡t need to trouble your mind. Grab this book and learn some useful tips that can help you survive these disasters. Apart from the tips, the book talks about many case studies and previous disasters.

Failing Forward

Everyone fails at some point in their life. The people who have achieved heights must have had failures in their success journey. The book ‘Failing Forward‡ teaches you how to deal with the failure and overcome the negativity.

John C. Maxwell has a wonderful explanation for how we can take failures positively. Only people who accept failures can grow. Blaming yourself or others for the goals you couldn‡t achieve will not let you grow.

The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch, the author of the book, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was asked the question what if you know you have only a few days left? How are you going to spend those days? The book talks about how one should think about their childhood. You must have had weird, big, vague, unachievable, and adventurous dreams in your childhood.

The book doesn‡t ask you to become a scientist or astronaut. But, it focuses on motivating students to follow the life they‡ve always wanted. The book is more about focusing on yourself and achieving your dreams rather than stressing over ‘what society would say‡?


Are you interested to know how Michelle Obama grew to become a successful woman? Sure, she received support from her loved ones. But, there were times when she faced disappointments, failures, discouragements, and a lot of negativity.

This book will give you a thorough insight into the story of Michelle Obama. She tells about the people who supported her throughout her journey, her love life, achievements, and failures.

The Attention Revolution

Nothing has brought as many changes in our lives as technology. Smartphones, mobile apps, IoT, and social media distract us. Technology has gotten to a point where even the applications for de-stressing your mind are out on the app market.

As much as technology is useful, it harms our focus and affects our concentration abilities. Whether you are trying to build concentration for studies or job, read The Attention Revolution book and learn some effective techniques to build focus.

Getting Things Done

Getting things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity is a must-read for students. The book explains how one can clear their mind. De-cluttering your headspace is only possible when you let the unnecessary thoughts and tasks out of your mind. GTD shares certain principles that will help you get control over all the projects. These principles can be applied to homework, startup, jobs, and more.

Off the Clock

Everyone has three personalities when it comes to time. These are classified into anticipating phase, experiencing phase, and remembering phase. These three phases encourage us to think about the future, live in the present, and think about the past.

This book by Laura Vanderkam talks about how people abstain from living in the moment and experiencing their current life.

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