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Study in Egypt

Egypt is known all over the world for its reputed universities that are affordable and provide a wonderful chance to submerge with the culture of this place. The best place in Egypt for students to pursue their education is Cairo as the cost of living is very low here and is beneficial for the students. It also provides an insight of the most beautiful historic sites.

A series of programs is designed for the benefit of students here and this is done mainly to increase the standard of the universities internationally. There are about 35 private universities in Egypt and 28 public universities and among them five stand in the top rankings of the best World Universities. The most prestigious universities include Cairo University, American University in Cairo and Alexandria University.

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Top Universities in Egypt for International Students

The Ain Shams University

 This largest medical institution in Africa provides opportunities for E-Learning and distance education too apart from continuing education. The faculty here contributes in eradication of illiteracy by conducting programs through the students and for the welfare of the youth.

Al Azhar University

This University in Cairo is the chief center for Arabic learning. It provides courses in arts and humanities, engineering, social sciences, architecture, business management and medicine. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses here. And scholarship facilities are also accessible for students around the world for selected applicants and about US$ 1.7 million and who attend the QSWorld Grad School Tour event.

Alexandria University

The two main faculties of this University were at first Law and Art, and now it has gained expansion in various fields like medicine, engineering and agriculture. The main goal of this university is to inspire the students to achieve finest minds and to work effectively. Funding opportunities are also accessible for students who perform academically well.

Cairo University

This University has been delivering education over the years and is a broad university that provides higher learning. They prepare students to face challenges and provide interactive learning methods to them. It has 26 faculties in different scientific institutions and prepares the students well for the technological evolution and for the age of science.

Mansoura University

The Mansoura University welcomes international students to pursue their higher education in their campus. It provides faculty in different fields of commerce, dentistry, physical education, computer science, tourism and hotels, law, medicine, agriculture and many others. Full tuition scholarship and partial tuition scholarships are provided to the students here and this can be spent even on the books and for living expenses.

The American University In Cairo

This premier university is an English medium institution and about 85% of the students are from Egypt and the rest are from other parts of the world. This University provides more than 30 undergraduate major programs and more than 50 master’s program. Scholarships are given to students based on academics, athletics and artistic talent.

Zagazig University

This Egyptian University provides quality education and provides interactive lifelong learning to the students. It has set up international standards in various areas of education and also engages itself in research activities. Interaction about the students of the local community and the international students is provided in this campus.

Assuit University

This top ranked university in Egypt is known to provide Higher Education Enhancement Project Fund to students for their academic career. The degrees offered by this institution include undergraduate degrees in agriculture, nursing science, social work, specific work, medicine and surgery. They even provide postgraduate course, diploma course and PhD degrees in this campus.

The German University In Cairo

The educational environment for international students is amazing in this institute and it is independent and non-profit institution in Egypt. Students can apply for this institution online and gain access to this dynamic school of graduates. It provides Media MBA programs in its campus apart from other course like media engineering and technology.

Benha University

This beautiful university is known to have faculty in every field like engineering, nursing, science, physical education, applied arts, law and computers and informatics. It has played a vital role in developing the community and provides distinguished educational services for the students and also provides them financial aid for deserving students.

Egypt is known to have some of the top engineering colleges and with a variety of subjects in the curriculum. And getting admission in one of the educational hubs of the world is a great opportunity for a successful career.