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Study Abroad In Taiwan

Come explore the Eastern Asia‡s best-kept clandestine by studying in Taiwan, the most alluring island located off the east coast of China. Also known as Beautiful Island or Ilha Formosa, Taiwan actually provides the international students with the opportunity to experience the ancient mountainous temples, fascinating island and of course the traditional Chinese culture.

Taiwan entices a large number of international students every year and it is growing significantly indeed. Known as an “Asian Tiger Nation”, Taiwan is perhaps, globally acknowledged for its leading tech industries; however the country also leads in imparting robust academic programs and degrees across a variety of subjects.

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Undoubtedly, the tech sector of Taiwan is quite impressive indeed, but the country also boasts more to render, and the popularity of Taiwan as an education hub is growing rapidly across a broad spectrum of subject areas. The government statistics of the country states that the most popular and appreciated programs from international students are management and business, along with social sciences, humanities, arts, engineering, and media. Language courses in Mandarin Chinese are also very popular subject areas that are taught in most of the universities in Taiwan.

Why International Students Should Study In Taiwan?

With exceptional higher education system, Taiwan is globally renowned for offering wide variety of opportunities to all incoming international students and allowing them to opt for diverse subject areas, from history to Chinese language, forestry, tropical agriculture, business management, genetic engineering to semi-conductors and much more. Taiwan is also equally renowned for imparting quality education and several scholarship programs to international students. International students are likely to enjoy a modern, vibrant and hospitable society in Taiwan, which is entrenched in one of the finest cultures of the world. Great education always leads towards a great future! So, don‡t waste your time and come study in Taiwan to turn your dreams into reality. There are several other reasons to study in Taiwan which is a rewarding and most exciting destination to pursue your higher education.

Importance Of International Students

The government of Taiwan is very much keen in receiving higher number of international students to study in the universities of the country. The universities of Taiwan have already set a motivated target of receiving over 95,000 international students by 2014-15. With an aim to achieve this set goal, most of the universities across the nation are increasing the number of programs and degrees taught entirely or partly in English. Besides, the government has also introduced several series of scholarship programs primarily intended for international students.

Student Life In Taiwan

International students can expect a lifestyle in Taiwan to be vivacious and assorted, that reflects the increasing population of international students and also the existing cultural diversity of the country. Besides, the influence of Mainland China‡s culture can be observed in the architecture, official language and cuisines of Taiwan. Being a student you are likely to get settled in one of the cities of Taiwan, but it would be well worth if you decide to spend time in visiting the other exciting parts of the nation. Students can take part in Confucius Ceremony, and other traditional celebrations.

Cost Of Studying In Taiwan

The cost of studying in Taiwan‡s universities vary by subject and university selected. The cost of studying in private universities of Taiwan is quite expensive compared to government owned universities. The cost of studying in National Taiwan University ranges from NTD 50 to 460-62, 100 per semester for under graduates, while for graduate programs the cost is NTD 51 to 280-62, 360 per semester. The fees for MBA programs are quite higher per semester.

Top Universities Preferred By International Students In Taiwan

National Central University: National Central University or NCU was founded in the year 1962 as a part of nation‡s response to International Geo-physical Year. Today, the university has become the leading school of the country with The World University Ranking-351, offering programs and degrees in a wide variety of subject areas including, space science, geophysics etc. This university is the first-rate university with robust international recognition and qualifications.

National Cheng Kung University: Founded in the year 1931, NCKU is a research oriented comprehensive university of Taiwan. It is the second most popular university of the country with QS World University Ranking-247 and The World University Ranking-301. This university is famous amongst the international students who are looking to pursue education in technology, engineering, medical teaching, and architectural education. Other subject areas include Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, History, Arts, Foreign Language & Literature, Social Science, Planning & Designing, Biotechnology, Management, Computer Science, and Medicine.

National Sun Yat-Sen University: Founded in the year 1980 in Kaohsiung, today National Sun Yat-Sen University or NSYSU has become the fastest growing university of Asia with The World University Ranking-322. The university endeavors to pursue brilliance in research and education and receives yearly funding from Ministry of Education Taiwan to support education of the students. With 6 major colleges including Social Sciences, Marine Sciences, Management, Engineering, Science, and Liberal Arts, the university imparts 32 Master‡s, 32 Bachelor‡s, and 27 Doctoral programs in variety of subject areas.

National Taiwan University: Founded in the year 1928 by Japanese Colonial Administration, National Taiwan University is the 5th popular university of the nation amongst the international student today, with OS World University Ranking-82 and The World University Ranking-142. Initially, the university only had two academic divisions, The Political Division and Literature Division, but today the university has include affiliated Medical, Engineering, Tropical Medicine Research, Forestry & Agriculture, and Humanities Research Institute under its umbrella. Some of the other subject areas include, Law, Life Science, Public Health, Liberal Arts, Social Science, Management, Bio-Research, Continuing Education, Professional development, and general Education.

Applications And Visas For Taiwan

Applications to any of these Taiwan‡s universities can be made directly, either through sending complete forms supported by all documentations by post or through online system. International students need to provide photocopies of all their study records and qualifications proof of language proficiency, letters of recommendation, proof of funding and of course the application fee. There are some courses where the international students need to appear for competitive exams.

The applications for admissions are usually processed by the authorities at the starting of calendar year and ends in the month of March. applications for government programs must be submitted by international students between February and March.

Once the student is selected for a course, it is the time to apply for student visa to study and stay in Taiwan during their educational years. Students seeking to work as part timer along with their studies need to apply for work permit and this will enable the students to work up to 16 hours per week along with their studies.

Scholarship Programs For International Students

Basic Tuition Waiver for NTNU International Students: This scholarship program is intended for international students who want to pursue higher education in Taiwan. This scholarship is granted for both graduate and undergraduate programs in a variety of subject areas. But, the students applying for this application need to get enrolled in full semester with official registration enrollment.

2015 Taiwan Scholarships for International Students: Taiwan scholarship was established in collaboration with Ministry of Education, Republic of China and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it provides financial aid to international students to pursue PhD, Master‡s or Bachelor‡s programs in any of the universities of Taiwan.

Higher Scholarship Programs for International Students in Taiwan: This scholarship is offered by Taiwan International cooperation and Development Fund and to apply for this application the international students should belong to country given in the Eligible List of Countries. This scholarship can be availed by students who want to pursue undergraduate, post graduate, and PhD programs in Taiwan.

MOFA Taiwan Fellowship for International Researchers: Any international student seeking to undertake research studies in any universities of Taiwan may avail MOFA Taiwan Fellowship for International Students to pursue their research work.

Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment funding for International StudentsThis scholarship program is intended for all international students who want to pursue higher education in Taiwan. This scholarship enables the students to pursue certain bachelor and master degree programs.

To keep yourself updated regarding the recent grants available go through the links of Taiwan Scholarships and Taiwan Internships.

Note: Students need to visit the official websites regularly to get update regarding the opening dates of scholarship programs to pursue higher education in Taiwan.