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The Swedish Institute : Study Abroad In Sweden

Swedish institute is an agency which can be considered as an attempt of Swedish government to spread awareness about the Sweden in other countries. Main purpose of the agency is to promote and establish cross cultural exchange programmes and to safeguard and preserve the interest of the Swedenacross the globe.

It has the staff of 140 employees. Its offices are in Stockholm, Visby and Paris with its main office in the GamlaStan in Stockholm. Government of Sweden plays the main in the selection and formation of the board which is made to run and manage the institute. 

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Areas Of Operation Of Swedish Institute

-Events And Projects

Aspects which are focused in events and projects of the Swedish Institute:

(a) Cultural heritage
Institute tries to show its culture to the people of other nations of world. For the purpose institute has made several collaboration with culture experts and enthusiast across the world to present goodness of their cultural heritage. Six areas have been zoomed in for the creativity presentation:

(c) Social Make Up
Swedish institute has shown greatness of their culture to world. Certain key points which can be considered as virtues are:
-Welfare system for the people and equality and justice
-Gender equality
-Disapproving prostitution and human trafficking

(c) Environment
Swedish institute has been mentioning and promoting holistic approach for the community development. For the purpose it has raised issues about environment.

Exchange And Development Programmes

Various exchange and development programmes are:

(a) Creative force
This programme focuses to extract creativity inside the potential leader or an individual which in turn is helpful for strengthening democracy of a nation.

(b) Management Programme
This programme intends to develop a potent leadership in the field of management and focuses especially on china, India and northern Europe

(c) She Entrepreneur
It is a programme to encourage women leaders who are emerging on their talent as social entrepreneurs. It focuses on Middle East, North Africa and Sweden

(d) Young Leader’s Visitors Programme
This programme helps to establish proper cannel for communication between potential leaders of the coming generations. It forms a platform for the youth to share their experiences. It focuses on the Middle East, North Africa and Sweden.

(e) Social Innovation In A Digital Context
It can be considered as academic scholarship programme for the social and digital innovators. It focusses on the region of Middle East and North Africa

(f) Urban Development Programme
This programme arranges high level of lectures and workshop for developers, architects or engineers especially from china.

(g) Young Connectors Of The Future Programme
It is a programme to invite and make potential leaders who are trying their best to voice against any relevant issues in their community or country. It focuses on South East Asia.

(h) Swedish Institute Visitors Programme
It is a programme for international renowned journalist and visitors.

Cooperation In The Baltic Region

Swedish institute does this by-
(a) Funding The Projects
Funding is done to so as to make it feasible to start collaborative projects in Baltic Sea region which is expected to initiate by the various counties government or their agents.

(b) Starting Various Leadership Programmes
Various leadership programme include:
-Management programme for northern Europe
-Baltic Sea leadership programme
-By giving scholarships
-By building relationship by various activities in Baltic region 

-Images Of Sweden

Image Building of Sweden is also done by the institute. It continuously analyze the image and information that is prevalent in the mind of people and try to make favourable image in front of the world 

Information About Sweden

It is done by the social media and websites created by the institutes. Several journals are also published to give authentic information .

Learning Swedish 

It can be done-
(a) Outside Sweden
(b) In Sweden
It can be done by-
(a) Proficiency test
(b)Various courses available on the internet in Sweden

Role Of Swedish Institute

Decision Making

Swedish institute helps Sweden to arrive at important decisions on the important issues from the international context which include
(a) Foreign policy
(b) International aid
(c) Education 

Promotion And Sustainability Of Interest And Co Operation Across The World

Swedish institute plays a vital role in the development of co operation, mutual trust and respect for the culture among the different nations. 

Representation Of Swedish Culture And People Of The Sweden

Swedish institute represents the people and their culture. They showcase their culture on a wider spectrum. This not only invokes the interest in Swedish culture but also creates a favourable image in the rest of the world.

Scholarships And Grants

Various scholarships given by the institute are:

(a) The Swedish institute study scholarship: The Swedish institute study scholarship aims to provide assistance to the highly qualified students to study in Sweden which starts in autumn semester

(b) SI scholar ship for east Europe: This scholarship tries to encourage the development of the social, economical and democratic values by supporting knowledge transfer to skilled students with in this area.it have been renamed as Balkans.

(c) Swedish Turkish Programme: Turkish students researching in Human Rights Law at a Swedish university can apply for this scholarship which is granted in the memory of Anna Lindh.

(d) The bicentennial Swedish American exchange funds: It is only applicable for the US citizens for promoting promotional excellence and is not meant for academicians.

(e) The Visby Programme: This Programme aims to create a comprehensive well connected research region with a  focus  on Baltic region and also initiates to bridge the gap between Eastern Partnership countries and the Russian Federation

(f) Bilateral exchange Programme: Agreements between Sweden and other countries, currently China and Japan are the basis of such agreements.

(g) North 2 north exchange Programme: Various opportunities for the exposure of different northern regions and to offer the first hand experience is being provided under this program.

Various grants programmers are:

(a) Grant for creative force Programme:.Various integrated projects have been sponsored by the Swedish Institute’s Creative Force Programme to encourage transparency in the projects related toculture, media and related sectors.

(c) Grant for Baltic sea regional Programme: This cooperation programs have been approved by the various countries like Norway, Belarus, and Russia.

(d) Grants for Raoul. Research on the Raoul Wallenberg’s persona, life and fate are funded   under this grant. Any contribution to knowledge regarding the Raoul Wallenberg is considered.

For Detail information go through the website of Swedish Institute.