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FDA Medical Device Summer Internship, 2020 USA

The Center for Devices and Radiological Health  (CDRH) is providing the Medical Device Fellowship Program (MDFP) for US applicants across the US. CDRH regulates a wide array of medical devices and is involved with the latest medical device cutting-edge technology areas such as genomics, proteomics, diagnostics for personalized medicine, percutaneous heart valves, artificial hearts, a tissue-engineered …

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UNCF General Scholarship 2010/2011, USA

If you are a student attending a UNCF member college or university, it is highly recommended that you also complete this UNCF GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP application. This application process nominates a UNCF student searching for scholarship assistance. Once a student completes the application, the information will be used to match you to many of the specific …

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PepsiCo Foundation Scholarship Program 2009, Summer Institute for General Management

In collaboration with PepsiCo Foundation and through its generous contribution to the program, the Institute is offering up to five tuition scholarships for the 2009 Summer Institute Program. The Stanford Graduate School of Business Summer Institute PepsiCo Foundation Scholarships is designed to increase the diversity (broadly defined) of the Institute’s student participants. Through the generous …

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