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PhD Studentship in Molecular Allergology at Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, Germany

Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines funding Doctorate Studentship in the field of Molecular Allergology in Germany. Our research focuses on the molecular aspects of food allergies to improve diagnosis and therapy. Using Gly m 4, an allergen from soybean, as a model protein, we study the phenomenon of IgE-mediated birch pollen-related food allergies. …

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Paul & Daisy Soros Foundation Fellowship

  Paul & Daisy Soros Foundation Fellowship provides awards to eligible prospective graduate students who meet one of the following “New Americans” criteria and plans to remain in the United States:     A resident alien (holds a green card). A naturalized citizen of the US. Is the child of two parents who are both …

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