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Qualcomm Software Engineering Summer Internship 2019

Whether you’re graduating and seeking a full-time position after your internship, or hoping to return for another internship the following year, you will be considered for a returning offer through an evaluation of your work from the summer. Qualcomm is looking for the next generation of dreamers, inventors, rebels, risk takers, and pioneers. As a …

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Online Course On Programming Mobile Applications For Android Handheld Systems

Present course, ‘Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 1’ is offered by University of Maryland from Coursera platform. This 4-week health course is  a part of the ‘Mobile Cloud Computing with Android Specialization’, a comprehensive program in which you will learn to create create complex, cloud-based Android applications, applying what you’ve learned through hands-on activities and a final project …

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Microsoft Free Online Course : Programming in F#

New free online courses of Microsoft give students access to cutting-edge technologies in areas including cloud services, mobile development, and data sciences. Plenty of free resources are available online for students who want to learn a new topics on Programming. This Microsoft course, ‘Programming in F#’ covers the basics of F# syntax and helps in learning to express powerful programming …

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Hong Kong University of Science & Technology MOOC On Java Programming 

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is offering free online course with edX on Java Programming. This MOOC will provide students the knowledge of basic Java programming elements and data abstraction using problem representation and the object-oriented framework. This course is comprised of two 5-week parts. Applicants can enroll now. This is a self-paced course. …

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