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Canada offering Permanent Residency Visa and Scholarships to International Students 2019 

Canada eases path to permanent residency for international students. International students studying in Canada may apply for Canadian permanent resident status while studying in Canada or after completing their studies. The Canadian government has announced changes to its immigration system that it estimates will increase the numbers of international students invited to apply for permanent …

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Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Residency Programs, Italy

2011-Residency Programs in Northern Italy by Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio in Northern Italy Study Subject:Basic survival safeguards (food, water, and housing), global health, climate and environment, urbanization, social and economic security. Employer:Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Level:Scholars in all disciplines, creative artists, journalists, as well as policymakers and practitioners from the governmental and non-profit sectors Description: The …

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