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The Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship 2008

The Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship, now valued at $60,000, is intended to enable an artist, at the outset of their career, to undertake further art studies overseas at a recognised art institution, or to undertake a study program with a senior artist, for one to two years.

Applications are to be submitted to Artspace, 43–51 Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011 by Friday 27 June 2008.

Application forms and guidelines will be available from Arts NSW Tel: 02 9228 5533, Free-call 1800 358 954 or www.arts.nsw.gov.au


  1. Simie Mandla says:

    My name is Simthandile Mandla and i am a 20yr old Xhosa female from South Africa currently studying nature conservation. I am an artist at heart and have taught myself everything I know .Art technique books are my read and absorbing other artist’ techniques and adapting them to suit my technique is mainly how I have developed my own style.I go to any art gallery within my reach as I have a major love of art and believe (and have been told) that I have a real talent I shouldn’t waste. I am currently studying something that I don’t want to be studying only because it is all I was given the chance to study at the time. I have now realised that I can’t let other people and their beliefs draw the map for my life. I know saving nature and the disintegrating world we live in is an admirable thing to do, but I don’t believe we all have to get a degree for it to do our part. That said I am now searching for someone who is willing to put themselves out there for an aspiring artist. I also have a love for travelling, and in my head I have been all over the world to see art classics, from the Louvre in Paris to the Galleria Colonna in Rome. I know taking on sponsoring an untrained artist on a whim is a difficult and risky undertaking, but I assure you that hard work and talent are a definite path to success. I would like to know what chances I have of receiving sponsorship/a scholarship to study art abroad as this would be my chance to do great things with myself and art.

  2. bisrat says:

    am bisrat tulu from Addis ababa ethiopia. I was graduated from addis ababa university school of fine arts and design degree in graphics. After i comppleted i spent full time studio artist.But naw i want to improve/ up grade/ my profession. In my country by art departement there is no gives class morethan BA degree.The only chance to achive my goal i must make attempt abroad scolarship.So i want to my wishies come true and i need your advice how to get this scolarship.I hope you reflect interesting mail.thank you very much. sincerely.

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