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The Ph.D. Program in Vision Science at the SUNY Optometry at a Glance!

The Ph.D. Program in Vision Science at the SUNY Optometry at a Glance!

Among the architectural landmarks overlooking Manhattan’s Bryant Park is
the State University of New York, College of Optometry. This 19-story
campus houses not only SUNY’s renowned clinical facilities, but also its
outstanding research labs that are investigating the human visual system
at all levels—clinical, experimental, and theoretical/computational.

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This year, thanks to system-wide initiatives at SUNY, training in the
graduate program has been given a new look. Fellowships at $30,000/year
will be offered to select students starting July 1, 2008. Faculty have
recently been hired in areas from cell-signaling to perception and action,
and there are firm plans to hire additional basic and clinical scientists
to extend further coverage of the visual sciences. The graduate curriculum
is undergoing complete revision in order to prepare Ph.D.s to do research
as faculty in departments of Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, Cognitive
Science, Optometry, Medicine, or in industry. The new curriculum provides
a flexible way for talented students to focus on their research while
receiving maximum support from SUNY’s diverse community of outstanding
scientists. Students receive foundational training in visual neuroscience,
perception and psychophysics, ocular physiology and anatomy, and
computational theory, plus expert instruction in such practical matters as
how to write scientific papers, how to get a grant, and how to land a job.

Watch for our new website to debut this spring. For more information,
visit the current website http://www.sunyopt.edu/academics/grad.shtml or
email [email protected], or get in touch directly with faculty members
whose research is of interest to you. Applicants who are interested in
doing research on any   aspect of vision and have strong backgrounds in
any of the following areas are encouraged to apply: physics,
neuroscience, engineering, biology, cognition, computer science,
chemistry, psychology, mathematics, or the health sciences.

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Jerry Feldman, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
SUNY, State College of Optometry
33 West 42nd Street, room 1542
New York, N.Y. 10036
Phone:  212 938-5541
Fax:      212 938-5537
e-mail:   [email protected]

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