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The Starr Scholarship 2008

The Starr Scholarship

The Starr Scholarship is only available to young American artists for an artist-in-residence at the Royal Academy Schools with tenure of one year. The Starr Foundation Scholarship provides the cost of a studio for one year at the Royal Academy Schools in London, plus maintenance and travel expenses, to a United States citizen who has completed the equivalent of a Master of Arts degree in Fine Art. The successful candidate will be given a studio at the Schools and an exhibition of his or her work at the end of the residency.

The Royal Academy Schools and this scholarship offers a unique opportunity for a strong, young, self-motivated artist to develop personally in an individual studio. The Starr Scholar will be expected to take a leading role in seminars and debates within the Schools.

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The closing date for Starr Scholarship applications is Friday 2 May 2008.

Contact details for further information about the Starr Scholarship

The Executive Director
American Associates of the Royal Academy of Arts
555 Madison Avenue (Suite 1300)
New York, NY 10022
Tel +1 212 980 8404
Fax +1 212 980 7920
Email [email protected]

Applicatants for the Starr Scholarship must submit

  • a curriculum vitae
  • a one-paragraph statement
  • an academic reference
  • sixteen 35mm slides of recent work (submitted mounted in a simple plastic folder) or powerpoint on CD
  • $30 processing fee

Applications should be sent to:

The Starr Scholarship
The Royal Academy Schools
Burlington House
London W1J OBD

Methods of Payment

Transfer payment directly to the Royal Academy of Arts bank account.
SWIFT number: RBOS GB 21118
IBAN number: GB96 RBOS 160038 00248271
Account number: 00248271
Sort Code: 16-00-38
Royal Bank of Scotland
49 Charing Cross
London SW1A 2DX

Telephone +44 (0)20 7300 5650 with your credit or debit card details.

Send a postal voucher payment to:
The Schools Administrator
Royal Academy Schools
Royal Academy of Arts
London W1J 0BD

Further Scholarship Information Here


  1. Petros Admasu says:

    I am a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) holder with 3.54 cGPA from Mekelle University, Ethiopia. I want MSc. (Second degree) in related field with full sponsor.

    Thank you!!
    Email me With Email adress [email protected]
    Petros Admasu (DVM)


    i. Personal details
    Name: Dr. Petros Admasu
    Date and place of birth: July 20, 1983 G.C and Gindeberet Woreda, W/shewa Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia.
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Ethiopian
    Language proficiency: Very good in English Vis-á-Vis reading, writing and speaking, Excellent in mother tongue (Afan Oromo) and Amharic
    Marital status: Single
    Hobbies: Reading Bible and professional books, listing spiritual song.
    Overall personality: Sociable, hard working and desirous of making friends
    Contact details: Tel: +251-912-208-846
    Email: [email protected]
    ii. Educational background
    S/No. Examination passed year Institute Award/cGPA
    1 Elementary Education 1998 Gitre junior school, Gindeberet Grade 8 National Examination (97.7%, Excellent)
    2 High school 2002 Gindeberet senior secondary school ESLCE (5 A’s, Very great distinction)
    3 University 2008 Mekelle University, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Ethiopia Doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) (3.54/4.00, Great distinction)

    iii. Training and work experience

    S/No. Experience Type Duration
    1 Laboratory experience One year
    2 Clinical experience One year
    3 Abattoir experience One year
    4 Farm experience One year

    iv. Research conducted
    DVM thesis entitled as ‘Major health problems of smallholder dairy cattle in Mieso district, Western Hararghe, Ehiopia’
    v. References

    1. Prof. Bhoop Singh (MVSc, PhD, Professor), Mekelle University Lecturer, Email:[email protected]
    2. Dr. Berhanu Hadush, Mekelle University Lecturer, Email: [email protected]
    3. Dr. Yohannes Tekle, Mekelle University Lecturer, Email: [email protected]

  2. Temesgen Belachew says:


    Personal Details

    -Name-Temesgen Belachew Tefera



    -Date Of Birth-1982 G.C

    -Place of Birth-Wogdi , Ethiopia

    -Marital Status-Single


    – Nationality- Ethiopia

    -Language – Amharic/ Flenent in English

    Eduational back ground

    Ø Time of Graduation = 2004 G.C

    Ø Year of Graduate 2 years ( Diploma 12+2)

    Ø Departement ( Field) =Medical Laboratory Technolgy from Alemaya University

    Commulative GPA= 3. 68 No of “A”
    No of “B”
    No of “C”
    No of “D”
    No of others

    = 18

    Ø Grading system=


    Ø Working experiences = 4 years & above at hospital&health center


    Ø Reading books,magazines sport materials ( Especially foot ball)


    -Name: Temesgen Belachew Tefera

    -Addres: Ethiopia ,Deessie(City)

    – Mobile : +251913426090

    -Tel: +251334450176 (Residence)

    -Tel: +215331118963 (office)


    -Name: Tesfaw Abi Eregna

    -Addres: Ethiopia ,Dessie

    – Mobile : +251914602300

    E-mail ADDRES

    –Name: Temesgen Belachew Tefera

    -E-mail: [email protected]

    -Name: Seifu Belay Yesuf

    -E-mail: [email protected]

    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (Country,University,College

    Dear sponserd; University, college(any country) I would like to apply to sponserd free scholarship & grant in your institution, i.e university, college to continue my education.

    I undersigned applicant held my Diploma in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology from Alemaya University issued on July 10,2004G.C,since from the beginning I am trying to proced the next steps to be learn, but I can not affordable because I have so many circumstances, especially shortage of money. I need much more to continue, though I didn.t succed by the explained problems & others ( No Accessiblity)

    Now I would like to apply for the educlation that could be available in the field of medical

    Laboratory Technology,Medical Science/health science,and other fields in your Institution.

    So,I submmited required documents with the application letter & Curriculum Vitae(CV.) according to your volunterness,if you are trying to join me in your university/ college I am ready enough to come & continue Education.

    Hopping that you will consider my application, I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

    “ Sincerely Yours”

    Temesgen Belachew

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