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The Wasie Foundation Scholars Program for Polish and Polish-American Students

About The Wasie Foundation: www.wasie.org

Application Requirements

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APPLICATION FORM [PDF Format] – You will need to print out the application form and submit it in hard copy with your other application materials (see below).

The Wasie Foundation plays a consultative role in reviewing applications for the academic institutions, which make the final decision as to which students are awarded Wasie scholarships.  The Wasie Foundation suggests those students to the schools who best meet the Foundation‡s criteria based on financial need, academic ability, clearly defined education and career goals, leadership qualities, involvement in volunteer and extra-curricular activities, and Polish family history.  Preference is given to Christian individuals of Polish ancestry with financial need.  The schools make the final decision about scholarship recipients and awards.


All applications will be reviewed internally, and current and/or new students may be assigned a mentor to assure accurate completion of applications.

  • By Friday, March 7, 2008:   Complete and submit the online federal FAFSA form at www.fafsa.ed.gov.  This is necessary because the Wasie Scholarship is a need-based award.  If you need help completing this form, click here.
  • By Friday, February 29, 2008:  Complete and submit, in hard copy, The Wasie Foundation Scholars Program application form (see above) and supporting documents. Please submit your completed application packet to (you may wish to obtain proof of mailing):

    Jennifer Harris
    Executive Director of Institutional Giving
    National-Louis University
    122 S. Michigan Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60603
    (ph): 312.261.3155
    [email protected]


    As part of the application packet, you will need to provide:

    • An essay about yourself.  Your essay MUST be typed, double-spaced, and 600-800 words (2-3 pages) in length.  Even if you have previously received a Wasie scholarship, you MUST write an original essay each year.  Any portion copied from a previous essay will result in immediate disqualification.  The essay MUST address your:
      • Polish family history
      • Academic goals
      • Current career goals
      • Most recent achievements
      • Current community involvement
      • Personal interests
      • Current extra-curricular activities
      • You may also address any unusual circumstances that should be considered.
    • Polish ancestry documentation:  If you have not previously received a Wasie scholarship, you MUST provide proof of Polish ancestry.  Copies of birth certificates, passports, or naturalization papers may be used to show the line of descent from the applicant to the ancestor(s) born in Poland.  Letters from relatives are NOT valid proof of descent.
    • Official transcripts:  Your application MUST include OFFICIAL transcripts from your LAST THREE FULL YEARS of school.  This applies to all applicants, even if you are a previous recipient.  If you are currently attending college, please also include your Fall 2007 OFFICIAL transcript.  You may contact your schools to have your transcripts sent to you, or sent directly to National-Louis University at the address above.
    • One (1) self-addressed, stamped #10 business envelope.
    • Signed certification and authorization (last part of the application form).
      • By Friday, March 7, 2008:  You must have applied to National-Louis University for financial aid.
      • March 2008:  National-Louis University will forward your application to The Wasie Foundation by March 17, 2008.
      • April 2008:  You will receive confirmation by mail that your application has been received.
      • August 2008:  You will be notified of your award status by National-Louis University.

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    Will the Wasie Foundation be giving out scholarships to WSB- NLU students for the 2009-2010 academic school year?

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