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Tips for Writing a Thank You Letter for Scholarship

Don’t you think that after winning a scholarship one needs to thank the scholarship donor?

Scholarship donors are generous and compassionate people who magnanimously support the educational endeavors of students like you.

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Don’t you think they might be little bit curious to know something about the students whom they are helping?

A thank you letter by you not only lets the donor feel glad about your time and effort took to write an attractive, well written letter but also represents a chance to relate your admiration and achievements that may give confidence to the donor to continue supporting other students like you.

Your thank you letter needs to be short and to the point. Though the letter needs to be written in a formal way try to reflect in it your own unique personality. Before start writing the letter few points which are to be taken into consideration are mentioned below:

Don’t send thank you emails. Always send a handwritten or typed thank you letter. If your handwriting is not good then better to go for typed one. The letter may be handwritten or typed.

Use good quality plain white paper for the letter and finish your letter in one page.

As soon as you get the congratulatory letter, start framing the thank you letter. Do not wait too long to send your letter of thanks.

Find out the name of the person /donor who should receive the letter. Address him/her with the appropriate title (Dear Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms.). Keep in mind, that the donor’s name and the name of the scholarship are correct.

Start the first paragraph of the thank you letter by thanking the donor for their openhandedness in providing the” XYZ” scholarship. Please mention the full name of the scholarship in your letter (noted on your congratulatory letter).

In the second paragraph tell the donor something about yourself in brief like your educational background, achievements, and extra circular activities and try to skew them towards the points that the scholarship donor considers the most important aspects for the scholarship.

Mention from where you belong, what you want to achieve in life and how this scholarship is going to help in achieving your goals. Regurgitate your interest for the scholarship and you can also talk about whatever you learnt from the scholarship interview.

End the final paragraph by concluding what you have said already and thanking the donor once again and assuring to do well and justify the given scholarship amount.

Thoroughly check for grammatical and spelling mistakes. You can take help of “Spell check” function in your word processing software in this regard. An error-free letter shows potency, capability and competency of the sender.

Lastly end with “Sincerely/ Regards”, sign your name and then type or print your name below your signature.

Following are some Scholarship Thank You Letters samples that students have used after winning the scholarship for thanking the scholarship donor for the noble cause they are doing.

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These sample links are there just to give you an idea how to write the scholarship Thank you letter.

I hope now you are very much clear about how to write a thank you letter for scholarship. Remember the above mentioned tips, while you write the thank you letter. Wishing you luck.

Preeti Supyal

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