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Top Scholarships in Colorado

Looking for a scholarship in Colorado? If you are living or going to attend a school in Colorado it can make you eligible for a scholarship. In the state of Colorado, there are plenty of scholarship opportunities available to students who are interested in furthering their education.

Here, we have created a scholarships list of “Top Colorado Scholarships” that can help you to achieve your goals. There given Colorado scholarships are available to students who are residents of or are attending school in CO.

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These scholarships are intended for high school seniors, high school graduates, and graduating high school senior. These given scholarships provide award range from $500 to $56,000. So go ahead if you find yourself to be eligible, don’t waste any time. Apply today!

CSF Fiesta Queen Scholarship and Pageant

The Colorado State Fair (CSF) is pleased to announce its annual CSF Fiesta Queen Scholarship and Pageant. The program is open to United States citizens or eligible non-citizens who attend any Colorado higher learning institution. The Fiesta Committee provides a $2,500 scholarship to the Fiesta Queen, $1,500 scholarship to her 1st Attendant, $1,250 to her 2nd Attendant, and a $1,000 to her 3rd Attendant.

Provided By:  Colorado State Fair
Course:  Multiple courses
Award:  $2,500
Eligibility: Maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0
Deadline:  Contact at (719) 717-8724 or melissa.casias-at-fiestacommittee.org
Apply Now:  https://sites.google.com/a/fiestacommittee.org/csf-fiesta-committee/fiesta-pageant

MCA Failure Fair Scholarships

The Museum of Contemporary Art grants its MCA Failure Fair Scholarships. This scholarship is open to young Coloradoans who submit an innovative, risk-taking creative project. Museum of Contemporary Art Denver awards annually over $10,000 in college scholarships.

Provided By:  The Museum of Contemporary Art
Course:  Multiple courses
Award:  $500 to $10,000
Eligibility: Be seniors at Colorado high schools
Deadline:  Scholarship applications for 2018 open December 1, 2017
Apply Now:  https://mcadenver.org/scholarships#elgibility

Partner Colorado Foundation Scholarships

The Partner Colorado Credit Union is glad to announce you a Partner Colorado Foundation Scholarships. This scholarship program is designed to invest in education. This scholarship is open to principally reside in the State of Colorado while attending school. Its Minimum scholarships are $1,000.00 per recipient, per year. If students continue to meet qualification guidelines, they can apply for a renewal.

Provided By:  The Partner Colorado Credit Union
Course:  Multiple courses
Award:  $1,000.00
Eligibility: Be a permanent resident of Colorado
Deadline:  Applications are due by March 31 of each year
Apply Now:  https://www.partnercoloradocu.org/about/foundations/partner-colorado-foundation

Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship

The Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation is proud to announce you a Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship. This scholarship is available for current year high school graduates who have had childhood cancer and are residents of Colorado and Montana. Scholarships award $1,000 to college-bound seniors who’ve overcome a cancer diagnosis.

Provided By:  The Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation
Course:  Multiple courses
Award:  $1,000
Eligibility: Permanently reside in Colorado or Montana
Deadline:   Application will be due on Monday, March 16
Apply Now:  http://www.stmfoundation.org/criteria

Burg Simpson College Scholarship Program

Burg Simpson firm is pleased to announce you a Burg Simpson College Scholarship Program. Any graduating high school senior enrolled in Colorado accredited schools are eligible to apply. The program will be awarded $56,000 in scholarships to college-bound students. One scholarship of $2,500 and nine scholarships of $1,000 each will be awarded to graduating seniors to attend the college of their choice. All 10 winners, their families, and a teacher of their choice will be invited to a dinner held in their honor.

Provided By: Burg Simpson firm
Course:  Multiple courses
Award:  $56,000
Eligibility:  Seniors at accredited Colorado high schools
Deadline:   February 2, 2018
Apply Now:  https://www.burgsimpson.com/charities/burg-simpson-college-scholarship-program/

Acec Colorado Scholarships

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Colorado is offering you an Acec Colorado Scholarships. This program is eligible for those students who Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering or in an accredited land-surveying program in Colorado that is ABET-accredited. The scholarship award is $30,000 for bright, young engineers.

Provided By:  The American Council of Engineering Companies
Course:  Multiple courses
Award:  $30,000
Eligibility:  Maintain full-time enrollment at Colorado universities
Deadline:  Contact at 303.832.2200 acec-at-acec-co.org
Apply Now:  http://acec-co.org/scholarships-for-students/

Credit Union of Colorado Foundation Scholarships

The Credit Union of Colorado Foundation will provide Credit Union of Colorado Foundation Scholarships. Eligibility for a scholarship is extended to students who are Colorado residents enrolled in, or scheduled to enter, an accredited college or university as an undergraduate taking at least 12 credit hours. Scholarship award criteria include maintaining a minimum 3.5 grade-point average in high school or during the previous 12 months as a college undergraduate.

Provided By:  The Credit Union of Colorado Foundation
Course:  Multiple courses
Award:  3.5 grade-point average in high school
Eligibility:  Colorado residents enrolled
Deadline:   Varies
Apply Now:  http://www.cuofcofoundation.org/general-scholarships

Daniels Scholarship Program

The Daniels Fund is glad to announce you a Daniels Scholarship Program. It is a four-year annually-renewable college scholarship for graduating high school seniors in Colorado. This program is open for a high school senior graduating from a school in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, or Wyoming. The Daniels Scholarship Program will provide more than $154 million in undergraduate scholarships to more than 3,700 students.

Provided By:  The Daniels Fund
Course:  Multiple courses
Award:  More than $154 million in undergraduate scholarships
Eligibility:  Be a resident of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, or Wyoming
Deadline:   November 30, 2017, at 4:00 p.m.
Apply Now:  http://www.danielsfund.org/Scholarships/Index.asp#

Belle M. Loustalet Memorial Nursing Scholarships

The North Colorado Medical Center Foundation offers Belle M. Loustalet Memorial Nursing Scholarships. There are eight scholarships available for those students who pursue or going to pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing.  The scholarship is awarded annually to an individual who has been accepted into an accredited nursing program with plans to complete a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in nursing. Three awards of $3,500 each were awarded.

Provided By:  The North Colorado Medical Center Foundation
Course:  An associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing
Award:  $3,500
Eligibility:  Intend to become registered nurses (RNs)
Deadline:  Varies
Apply Now:  https://ncmcfoundation.org/scholarships-grants/belle-m-loustalet-memorial-nursing-scholarship/

Pinnacol Foundation Scholarship

The Pinnacol Foundation is committed to supporting you and your education dreams through their scholarship program named as Pinnacol Foundation Scholarship. Its eligibility to be the natural child, adopted a child, stepchild or full dependent of a worker who was injured or killed in a compensable work-related accident during the course and scope of employment with a Colorado-based employer and was entitled to receive benefits under the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act. They average $3,500 per student per year, and may only be used for the costs of attending school.

Provided By:  The Pinnacol Foundation
Course:   Multiple courses
Award:  $3,500
Eligibility:  Have and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
Deadline:  Contact at 303.361.4775 and pinnacol.foundation-at-pinnacol.com
Apply Now:  https://www.pinnacol.com/foundation/apply-scholarship