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Travel Grants for International Students

Year by year, there has been a huge rise in students venturing to overseas universities for higher studies. Students taking up research programs in international universities look for grants from institutes, associations and also from government that will look out for all expenses calculated for the program. These grants are not only for research work, but also require applicant to attend conference and other major events to represent the research work done on behalf of university or association.

Travelling to such events in other countries doesn’t come cheaply, and need a good backup of finance and members. Students, departments and the university do get benefited when undergraduate researchers present their work in specific conference. To support such UG researchers and international students, there are various associations that provide travel grants for international students.  Below is the list of such universities and associations which students can opt for:

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UMBC (Office of Undergraduate Education)

The organization works closely with academic departments and campuses to provide grants for every UMBC undergraduate. It also sponsors programs helping students to deal with complexity, diversity and changes. Under its Travel Funds for Undergraduate Research Dissemination, the organization support students in travelling and presenting their creative work. Students can apply for conference presentation travel funds up to $750. Preference is also given to first-time presenters, and have not previously presented in national conference.

International Studies and Programs

Working on behalf of Michigan State University to mobilize university’s research capacity, enhance educational programs and support foreign language instruction.  The organization offers travel funding for both graduate and undergraduate students.  There is Graduate Student International Travel Grant (GSTIG) which is a small grant for research students in MSU. This grant helps graduate students to present their research work with an international focus at international professional conferences at international locations. There are also other grants for individuals like International Student Mandela Fellowship Program, Miriam J. Kelley African Scholarship Grant Program, SC Lee Best Paper Award, Walker Hill Scholarship and Whittier Endowed International Health Scholarship Fund.

University of Minnesota

This university offers International Travel Grants to support internationalization of the university through research, teaching and outreach.  The funding is done for faculty & staff, graduates students, undergraduate students and graduate students.

United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT)

The institute has been serving since 1960 and offers service to design, production, and technology professionals.  The institute offers International travel grant under two categories- Individual/Professional International Travel Grant and Student International Travel Grants. In both categories, funding is done for research and theatre related field.

Universities Van Amsterdam

This university offers one-off grant to fund a bachelor’s and master’s individual going for study trip.  The study trip should be related to research, internship and field work.  there are grants for protestant students, travel grants for medical students and for individual. Students need to submit their travel reports to the university, only after which the grant will be allotted.

The University of Queensland

This university offers Graduate School International Travel Grant (GSITA) with the aid of AUD$3000 for travel in the Pacific region (eg. Indonesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea) and up to AUD$5000 for travel elsewhere in the world. The grant aims to develop skills of career post-candidature. However, the grant doesn’t support travel to visit an advisory team.

Institute for International Public Policy Fellowships

United Negro College Fund (UNCF) works on create connections between the diverse, high-performing workforce of the minority education community and private industry to address the nation’s imperatives. The board works on providing Minority Institutions (MIs) with capacity-building opportunities.  The fellowship offered is 5yr program to study abroad component to prepare underrepresented minority undergrads for careers in international affairs.

CIEE Scholarships

Every year, CIEE grants several funding awards to students to study abroad. Funding of more than $3million in scholarships to students who want to study overseas on programs offered.  Some of the scholarships are CIEE Ping Scholarships, Jennifer Ritzmann Scholarship, John E. Bowman Travel Grants, Kathleen McDermott Scholarship and Michael Stohl Scholarship.

AIFS Study Abroad

Every year, AIFS grants more than $600,000 in scholarships, grants and financial support which covers tuition fees and airfare. Scholarships are offered in different types like- Generation Study Abroad Scholarships, Diversity Scholarships, Need Based Scholarships and Additional AIFs Scholarships & Grants.

The Watson Fellowship

The fellowship is offered for one year research work of about $25,000 and is open to graduates. The organization has tied up with various institutes students of which can seek for this fellowship award.