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Popular Asian Scholarships And Universities

Asian countries are honored with some top class universities which facilitates students with high-end facilities and other features. Moreover, these universities are accredited with state education council and other important councils. Student today look for exploring more places and hence they get out from their comfort zones to achieve the same. Singapore China and other part of Asia give enough opportunities for students to get the highest degree certificate that can match the requirement of countries work force requirement.

What Makes Asian Universities Worth For International Students?

The main reason behind the selection of Asian university is the government subsidies offered, making it affordable to study at. For instance- University of Tokyo having tuition fees of $5,344 and Harvard University of $38, 891, which is relatively less.

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Moreover, students from overseas countries like the lifestyle of Asian countries that makes them reside and study comfortably.  Another major reason is fewer restrictions on visa applications. There are certain countries where heavy restriction is livid on visa making it difficult for students to study. Hong Kong is considered as the best city for overseas students due to organized immigration policies.  Singapore institutes attract around 33- 35% of students every year for higher studies.

Economic conditions in these countries are also getting better that contribute towards university’s betterment. Asian universities are considered as sleeping giants. Experienced staff, multi-culture and soothing lifestyle attracts international students. Above all, the availability of scholarships and financial aids help in easy completion of higher study. Below mentioned universities are now trying hard to stand along with international universities to woo more overseas students to study. Universities of Singapore and China are topping the list in terms of imparting quality higher education and enticing a large number of international students.  All universities here are improving its ranking position making it visible to the top list. This article gives the list of top universities in Asia you can look for higher studies:

National University of Singapore

This tops the list and stands on the first position in QS University Rankings. Not in the national stage, the university is also improving its performance on international stage. Globally it ranks on the 25th position. Founded in 1905, it is the oldest learning institute in Singapore. The university offers both UG and Graduate courses in all fields including management and technology.  In the year 2001, the university started NUS Overseas Colleges, where it prepares overseas students to work on start-ups and build entrepreneur skills by staying 10-12 months. Every year there are thousands of overseas students applying for higher studies.

Scholarship: To be eligible for the scholarships, students should be eligible for government subsidy. However, there are certain financial aid schemes like- Part Time Appointment Scheme, POSB Further Study Assist and Service Obligation Scheme. The university also offers scholarships for ASEAN member country students every year.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

This public research university in South Korea was established by Korean government. It ranks 3rd in QS Top 50 universities in Asia.  Every year it keeps increasing its standard due to well assessed research production and after course benefits for students. In the year 2013, it was ranked in 24th position in Engineering and Technology by QS. The university is divided into 6 colleges, 2 schools and 33 departments of engineering and technology. Its academic ranking for the year 2013/14 by QS World University Rankings was 60th worldwide and 12t within Asia. The university also has School of Business which is set up with the combination of management and technology and is now ranking on top in FT Executive Education Rankings 2014.

Scholarship: The university offer few scholarships which is entirely funded by government which include Presidential Science Scholarship, National Excellence Scholarship, Low Income Family Scholarship (not more than 3 allotments), Financial Aid Scholarship and External Scholarship. KAIST offers scholarship for international students based on the university policy. Students applying for  UG, Masters and PhD course are offered with scholarships.

University of Hong Kong

Also known as Hong Kong University, it ranks 3rd as per QS University Rankings and is the oldest tertiary institution in Hong Kong. The university offers UG courses in both business and technology. Apart from 4yrs of course, medical and nursing programmes require 2 more years to complete. The university also started Universitias 21, an international consortium of research-led universities. It also has largest number of research PG students in Hong Kong that makes up 10% of total population. The MBA program was ranked in the 24th position by The Economist in 2013. Hong Kong has the blend of western and Asian culture. It is the safest city in Asia. The university has tie-up with 300 universities world-wide giving students to research and international education experience.

Scholarship:  HKU offers entrance scholarship which is awarded on the basis of academic merits and non-academic achievement. This entrance scholarship is possible with the donations from various foundations and donors from different organizations. For international students, there is no specific financial aid from universities. But the tuition fees are quite low and students can even take up part-time work on campus. Research Grants Council of Hong Kong offers HK PhD      Fellowship Scheme of $20,000 per month 3yrs.

Seoul National University

This is the second most reputed university in South Korea after KAIST.  It retains highest scores in all categories, including academic. It stands on 26th rank in Times Higher Education. SNU offers UG, Graduate and Professional Graduate Schools. It runs 16 colleges for various UG program. In its Graduate school, there are 99 programs with five different fields of studies including Humanities, Engineering and Arts.

Scholarship: SNU offers Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) which covers tuition fees, living expenses, air fare and Korean language training fee. Other scholarships offered are Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students (GSFS), Skill Road Scholarship and Overseas Koreans Scholarship

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

Standing in the fifth place in QS top universities, it ranks 34th in QS World University Rankings in 2013-14. The Times World Reputation Rankings ranked this university between 51st-60th positions. However, presently the university is in misery due to its poor faculty and low grade degree facility. However, it still remains the best and top for students seeking higher education in Science and Technology. The departments are divided into- School of Science, School of Engineering, School of Business and Management, School of Humanities and Social Science, Interdisciplinary Programs Office  and Dean of Students. Hong Kong is becoming the center of higher studies, and more overseas students are applying for the course.

Scholarships:  HKUST offers range of scholarships for both national and international students. The university receives donations from government which is directed to international students.  Some of these scholarships are- AIA Foundation Scholarship, Awareness of Nature Scholarships, CPA Australia Excellence Award, Chiang Chen Overseas Fellowship and Daikin

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

Established in 1963, it is the 2nd oldest school in Hong Kong.  In the year 2012, the university was ranked No 1 in QS World University Rankings under six categories including academic, employer reputation, citations, international faculty ratio etc. The university is divided into different departments like- Computer Science and Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering, Mechanical and Automation Engineering and Systems Engineering and Engineering Management.

Overseas students applying for higher studies can also apply for stay and work under “Immigration Arrangements for Non-Local Graduates”. This gives chance for the student to explore Hong Kong and get advantage of police designed for international students.

Scholarship:  The University offers Admission Scholarships for local and international students.  Hong Kong being regional educational hub, the government offers HKSAR Government Scholarships to help students in tuition fees and stay. For international students, the scholarships value is HK $60,000 to HK $165,000 per year. For US students there is separate scholarship named US Federal Student Financial Aid Programs.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

This is the most reputed university in Singapore and is among the top university in Asia. Established in the year 1981, it is the 2nd largest university in Singapore after National University of Singapore. Currently, the university ranks in the 76th position in Times Higher Education. It was in the 41st position in QS World Rankings 2013 edition. The academic department is divided into UG, Graduate, Global Programme and Special Program for local and overseas students. It has joined hands with different institutes and research centers for joint and PhD programme. The International Student Centre (ISC) hosts more than 9000 students coming from 80 countries. Singapore gives enough opportunities or international students to complete their course and even work after course.

Scholarships:  NTU offers different scholarships and financial assistance for freshman, international students pursuing different programme. These financial aids are divided into various categories to fulfill the eligibility criteria. Two main assistances are- CPF Education Scheme and Mendaki Teritary Tuition Fee Subsidy.

Peking University

China always remains the significant player in higher studies especially for international students. It is the oldest university, and it ranks in the 8th position by QS Asian University Rankings. Internationally, the university has been ranked in 41st position by Times Higher Education. University consists of 30 colleges with 12 different departments. Each department offers different courses in UG and Graduate. The university has 216 research institution and the largest library having 4.5 million holdings.

Scholarships: The University offers Academic Excellence Scholarships which are divided into- Doctorate Academic Excellence Scholarship, Masters Academic Excellence Scholarship and Undergraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship.

Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

The University is the second major science and technology specialist. Presently, it ranks in the 5th position in Asia research category by QS Universities Ranking.  POSTECH offers highest educational investment and pre-student scholarship support in Korea. It has also partnered with Korea National University of Arts that allows students taking course in both campus and organizes performances.  It has total 6 different research centers with advance technology and set-ups.

Scholarships: There are certain fellowships offered that covers housing and tuition expenses. Some of the are- POSTECH Fellowship for Excellent International Students, SK hynix Fellowship (US$9,500/year), POSCO Asia Fellowship (MS/MS-Ph.D. Integrated Program): US$13,000/year, Ph.D.: US$16,000/year), POSCO Africa Fellowship (MS/MS-Ph.D. Integrated Program): US$13,000/year, Ph.D.: US$16,000/year) and Korean Government Scholarship Program (US$19,000/year).

University of Tokyo

Considered as the most prestigious university in Japan, it is the first of National Seven Universities. The stands in the 11th position under Reputation Rank by Times Higher Education. The university offers UG and Graduate programs in different fields. The university also offers wide Student Exchange Programs accepting exchange students from partner universities to conduct research and enrolling for higher studies.

Scholarships: The University offers monthly research grant of 200,000 yen / 150,000 yen under Special Scholarship for International Students. Students can also go for Japanese            Government Scholarships (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology or “Monbukagakusho”) Scholarship). One more option is the Public Corporation and Other Scholarships for International Students Before Coming to Japan.