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Enroll Yourself For Upcoming Free Online Courses By edX

In its array edX has announced some new free online courses in different sectors. Some of the upcoming courses are mentioned below which you can join in 2015.

edX the nonprofit online learning organization founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announces its 2015 schedule and also new programs are added to the lists. Along with offering online courses, the institutions will use edX to research how students learn and how technology can transform learning both on campus and worldwide.

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edX is extensively designed for students who want to get quality education through cutting edge technologies, innovative pedagogy and rigorous courses. This online institution has partnered with various top institutes and universities to offer courses in humanities, math, computer science, physics and other.

Introduction to Psychology

This course is for students who are interested in why people do, say and think what they do. With this introductory course, students will understand the science of psychology and how psychologists measure mental function and behaviour. There will be different learning process like child development, analysing array disorders and dysfunction and lens of past and current psychological thought.

Course Length: 10 weeks

offered more than 1lac certificates to students successfully completed the course.

Communicating Strategically

This communicating training helps in improving presentation effectiveness for scientists, engineers, and professionals to support organizational decision-making. This five week refresher course is designed help students understanding components of communication strategy and present self in improving way. Designed specifically for scientists and engineers to communicate with management.

Course length: 5 weeks

Pursuing this course:  You can pursue Verified Certificate course for job applications, career advancement and school applications. You can even edit the course for free and get complete access to the course material, activities and forums.  Also if the institute finds your work satisfactory then you will be awarded with Honor Code.

Journalism for Social Change

This course is designed for students interested in communicating with public policy, journalism and social sciences. Two main goal of this course is to- teach students of journalism, public policy and social work how to use this medium as an implement of social change; and to include those students who can become the agent of changing society. Students working on the projects will be published throughout the semester.

Course Length- 6 weeks

Introduction to Linux

If you are interested to learn Linux then you can take up this course free or get verified one for $99. The course explores various tools and techniques commonly used by Linux system administrators. Students will be explored to both graphical and command line perspective.

Course Length- Not mentioned


With IT spreading across world and every human activity depends, the learning of computing skill is important. The course begins with the basics of computing and takes you through a tour of modern object-oriented programming, including classes, objects, control structures, and other aspects. Also with the course, you will get to learn mathematical techniques.

Course Length: 8weeks

Economics of Cyber security

This course is very important looking at the current cyber breach threat that causes the security and hits personal life. The course introduces to the field of economics behind cyber security. Courses are being delivered by 4 research team from universities around the world like-
-Michel van Eeten of Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands
-Ross Anderson of Cambridge University in the United Kingdom
-Rainer Boehme of University of Münster in Germany
-Carlos H.Gañán of Delft University of Technology in, Netherlands
-Tyler Moore of Southern Methodist University in the USA

Below mentioned are few more upcoming free courses according to the subjects:


The Search for Vernacular Architecture of Asia

This 5 week course is or those who would like to explore and are fascinated by vernacular architecture. It will cover topics like native building materials, the interaction between people, culture and the vernacular, as well as the vernacular landscape. The course will begin from 14th April, 2015.

Biology and Life Science

Molecular Biology: DNA Replication and Repair

This 8 weeks course will take you behind the scenes to look at modern molecular genetics, from the classic experimental events that identified the proteins involved in DNA replication and repair to cutting-edge assays that apply the power of genome sequencing.

Introduction To Bio-Conductor

This course will cover common uses of the software packages within the Bioconductor project. The topic will range from Microrays, Normalization, Advanced differential expression, Batch effects and Gene set testing. The course starts from 30th March and will take up at least 4weeks to complete.

Civic Ecology: Reclaiming Broken Places

Starting from 10th April, 2015, course will help you to explore the people, places, and practices that restore nature, while also revitalizing neighbourhoods. It will also cover contemporary thinking in resilience, social-ecological systems, and the relationship of nature to human and community wellbeing.

Introduction To Bioethics

Starting from 15th April, 2015, this 6 weeks course will explore fundamental moral issues that arise in medicine, health, and biotechnology. This course is specially designed for undergraduates, health care professionals, policy makers, and anyone interested in philosophy or ethics.

Business Management

English for Doing Business in Asia

This course is designed for non-native speakers of English to methods for developing written English language and communication skills for doing business in Asia. Once done, the student will be able to use range of vocabulary and expressions that are commonly used in business English and in business writing.

Introduction To Credit Risk Management

The course offers you an introduction to credit risk modelling and hedging. Once the course ends, you will understand and use the basic tools of credit risk management, both from a theoretical and, most of all, a practical point of view. The course will begin from 30th April, 2015 and will go on till 5 weeks.

Engaging With Innovation Ecosystems

The entire course is aimed at corporate executives and senior managers who need to generate new growth opportunities.  The course will also provide information on how to develop fruitful relationships with a range of innovation ecosystem stakeholders: entrepreneurs, risk capital providers, universities and government policy-makers. The course begins from July 2015.


Creating Powerful Political Messages

This 5 weeks course will helps students to learn underlying patterns of the framing game, using simple and powerful models. It will also cover large variety of policy areas. For those who are interested in public and political debate, can pursue this course.


Jesus in Scripture and Tradition

This course will explore how a close reading of the book of Genesis, the Gospels, and early Christian writers. The course will approach to the identity of Jesus Christ that will reveal how the church has explored the unmeasurable depths of his person. The course will starts from 1st June, 2015 and will go for 8 weeks.


Data Analysis to the Max

The course is for those who struggle with data analysis. Students will learn about data analysis with spreadsheets: PivotTables, VLOOKUPS, Named ranges, what-if analyses, making great graphs. The course material is designed by Delft University of Technology and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial-ShareAlike (CC-BY-NC-SA) 4.0 International License. The course will begin from 6th April, 2015 for 8 weeks.

Math in Sports

With this course, you will learn mathematical tools that can help predict and analyse sporting performances and outcomes. The course will help coaches, players, and enthusiasts to make educated decisions about strategy, training, and execution. The length of the course is 8 weeks and will go on floor from 15th June, 2015.


Variant Discovery and Genotyping

This is a case study, where the course explores data analysis of an experimental protocol in depth, using various open source software, including R and Bioconductor. Students will also learn basic steps involved in finding genetic variants in DNA re-sequencing datasets, from read alignment to calling and aggregating variant data across many samples. The length of the course is of 2 weeks.

About edX

edX offers  interactive online classes and MOOCs from the world’s best universities, colleges and organizations. It has a tie up with reputed institutions like MITx, HarvardX, BerkeleyX, UTx and many other universities. edX courses are accessible for all ages and nations and the teachings will be delivered by the variety of instructors and facilitators.

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