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University of Washington MBA

If you are seeking an education plan that shall take up to one level higher in terms of thinking and content, the Washington University MBA is no doubt going to prove one of the best choices. This powerful program also known as Foster full time MBA program is ranked nationally and is a name amongst various management and business schools in entire continent of Europe. Located in Seattle, often known as home to a thriving business community, from Amazon, Microsoft, Nordstrom and Starbucks, to new start-ups, the Foster Full-time MBA Program also boasts one of the highest job placement rates in the country.

Program Overview

Going through the full time management MBA program of the University of Washington, we come across the following program overview.
-The program is intended to start September 4, 2014 onwards
-The duration of the full time MBs program, university of Washington is two years
-There are 13 core courses to be studied by the student during her study period
-The course has the advantage of having around 81+ elective courses
-There are over five certificate options available for the program
-The concurrent degree options available are seven

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Class Profile

Coming down to the average class profile, the average class size is around 130 students. The average age of the students taking admission to the program is around 29 years, with an average experience of 5.9 years. With around 34% of women enrolled so far in the past year programs, it is anticipated that this percentage shall definitely increase in the years to come.

The GMAT average of the MBA program is 670, and the average GPA is 3.36. Also the GMAT middle 80% falls in the category of 600-730.

Employment Statistics

Then the employment statistics for the MBA program, University of Washington is like the Average salary at graduation: $102,722, the Job placement rate (2013) stands at around 96% whereas the
International job placement rate (2013) is around 100% altogether.

Annual Tuition Fee

The annual tuition fee for the program differs from resident to nonresident. For Resident students, the annual tuition fee previous year (2013) stood around $28,953 while the Non-Resident annual tuition fee (2013) was around $42,129.

Mba Scholarships

The university of Washington MBA program is backed with a large number of scholarship programs that helps the student in finding a good financial support for their management studies. Some of the popular scholarship programs are

African American heritage endowed MBA Scholarship

This scholarship is an award to an African American student at the Foster school of Business. The recipient of this award partners with the consulting and business development center to provide consulting to an African American owned business in the Seattle area.

Ernest I.J. Aguilar Endowed MBA Scholarship

The scholarship is an award named after the founder of Washington State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The recipients of this award are expected to spend around 100 hours of working along with a Latino business owner from an underserved community in Eastern Washington.

National Rankings

Foster ranks in the top 25 in national rankings. We also stand out as number 1 in diversity of companies hiring our graduates according to The Economist, 2nd in marketing according to Business Week, 8th in greatest opportunities for women according to the Princeton Review and 8th in management research productivity.

Renowned for its sense of entrepreneurship the MBA program of University of Washington isknown for innovation, the program is very well enriched with knowledge and skills, internships and fellowships, business competitions and accelerator funds, expert mentors and connections in the Seattle entrepreneurial community.

Comparing the employment statistics you come to know where lays the difference in the education mechanism of our MBA program; our large MBA Career Management team provides extensive programming and highly personalized career coaching. 95.8% employment rate in 2013, including 100% employment for international students is the outcome of such high end investments made by university of Washington management program.

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