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Brigham Young University International Student Guide

Situated in Utah, Brigham Young University is a perfect blend for students who are looking for quality education and a healthy, structured community life. Representing students from all the states of United States and over a hundred countries around the world, BYU University’s Accounting Program was ranked best in United States by Wall Street Journal and second best by Businessweek in 2011.

It might be considered unfair to call Brigham Young a primarily Christian School, but most of its values originate from the teachings in the said religion and are what drive the students here. That being said, it does not in any way mean the BYU University is not a suitable place for students from any country or religion. Adding to the glittering portfolio of the university are beautiful mountains and charming weather as well as a clean, sober campus, which is one of the reasons why international students prefer BYU when they choose to go abroad for higher studies. Here is a guide for the same.

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Firstly, it is important to know that Brigham Young University is one of the best in United States with over 200 majors offered to its students. There are a variety of areas and fields to explore for one here.

For International students wanting to gain admission into the university, following requirements are necessary:
-A good, competitive ACT or SAT score
-Academics—Transcripts from all four years of high school as well as a High School Diploma/Pass Certificate or an equivalent credential
-English Proficiency Evidence
-Financial Support Evidence
-Willingness to adhere to CES code

All students who are graduates of schools that do not have a United States accreditation shall have to have their transcripts evaluated by a international credential evaluation agency, the costs for which will have to borne by them. Brigham Young University prefers that its potential candidates have their transcripts evaluated by the International Education Research Foundation (IERF).

English Proficiency Requirements

All students whose native language is not English shall be required to take an English Proficiency Exam, the scores for which should not be older than two years. Students can either take the IELTS or the TOEFL. A minimum score of seven on the IELTS or 80 on TOEFL is required.

Students can also take the Pearson Test for English, a minimum score of 53 on which is necessary to be considered.

Financial Document

All students are required to submit proof of their bank statements and confirm that they have funds to pay for their first year at college to be considered for admission. If a student is seeking out a sponsor or sponsors, proof will be required to affirm that the person/persons are capable of supporting the student financially.

BYU makes no guarantees regarding financial aid for international students. Although talent awards for many courses are available, there are little to no financial aid options for international students at Brigham Young University. Thus, students should not calculate their expenses keeping aid in mind and always have a backup plan. The deadlines for financial aids are July 1st (fall semester), May 1st (summer), March 15th (spring) and November 15th (Winter semester).

Application Process

Applications for the fall semester are available online from October 15th. The last date for priority admission is December 1st (students who apply before the priority deadlines are given more preference in terms of housing and admission). The final deadline for application is February 1st. for both summer and fall semesters, December 1st for the spring semester and October 1st for the winter semester. Students can apply online.

Students will be notified of the final decision three to four weeks after the final deadline for application has passed.

Go through the detailed application process for international students for Brigham Young University.