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Career in Geomatics

Geomatics is one of the modern disciplines which underwent rapid progress since 1990’s. Its main concern is with the collection, analysis, acquisition and interpretation of geographical data related to earth’s surface. Surveying, digital mapping, Geodesy, remote sensing, land information management, cartography, geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) etc. all come under the vast canopy of study of Geomatics.

Geomatics has its roots from traditional land surveying and extends into more contemporize methods including GPS and 3D laser surveying. Geomatics is the modern scientific term referring to the integrating approach of measurement, analysis, management, storage and display of the description and location of earth-base data, often termed as Geospatial Technology or spatial data.

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Career opportunities have always been good for those who peruse Geomatics because it is relatively new science. Graduates, post graduates, PhD degree holder, Geomatic Engineers are recruited by offshore companies positioning oil rigs and monitoring pipelines across oceans and have demands for Geomaticians. Environmental and national heritage organizations, oil and mineral industries are in constant demands of Geomaticians.

Aspiring Geomaticians can get enrolled in courses offering diploma, degree, PG degree and PhD. The Diploma in Geomantic course is a 2 year program after which you can continue to study for the degree of Bachelor of Technology in Geomatics. This Bachelor of Technology in Geomatic is two to three year program. Master of Engineering program in Geomantic is a three year program and PhD courses ranges from three to four year duration. These courses are available in many part of the world. There are many universities and colleges that offer various courses in Geomantic but selecting the best is very important. Canada is considered to have the best colleges in degree, diploma and PhD courses in Geomatics. There are many Indian Colleges which offers only Master degree courses in Geomatics. Options for aspiring Geomaticians are countless though.

Geomatic Industries are diverse and in need of Geomaticians with more number of jobs than graduates. Experienced and expertise in remote sensing or photogrammetric can offer rewarding jobs. Geomatic graduates certainly have extensive opportunities to travel in their profession.

Study opportunities for aspiring Geomaticians are scarce at undergraduate level with just few courses available at graduation level, while options for more Geometric courses can be found in post graduation level. Some institutes directly offer post graduation degree for Geomatic graduates. Academically Geomatics require people with mathematic or physics background for studies of Geodesy, satellite orbit determination and gravity field modeling, for those without physics and mathematical background can opt for projects in fields of archeology, agriculture or geology.

Companies particularly appreciate the strength of graduates in computer programming and their flexibility to work in different kinds of environmental Geomatics. Many undergraduate students pursuing Geomatics receive multiple offers. The demand of graduate Geomatician has always been high and is expected to remain high for at least the next decade, because it is one of the most emerging and evolving career today.

A Geomatician has to work in different areas of the environment like land management and reform, development planning, infrastructure management, natural resource monitoring, weather reporting, coastal zone management and mapping. The skills students in Geomatics develop always help them in any field they enter with many possible career paths that include tracking climate change through satellite technology, research and create location based marketing strategies for organizations. Geometricians also get the opportunity to work with energy and power companies, mining/resources companies, real estate/construction developers, environmental organization and research laboratories.

Geomaticians career involves detailed work with precision. This subject is very practical; a lot of Geometrician’s time is spent out in the field collecting important data. Anyone with an eye for careers which include travelling should pursue career in Geomatics, as a career in Geomatics offers wide opportunities to travel all over the world for collecting data and field work this is one of the plus point of Geomatical career.

Here is the list of Universities from you can peruse your degree in Geomatics.

University Of British Colombia

This is amongst the top universities in Canada situated in Vancouver BC. It provides graduate and master degree in Geomatic Science.

Idaho State University

ISU was founded in 1901. This university provides you with best faculty in the field of Geomatic science for a graduate degree in Geomatic science. ISU is situated in Pocatello, United States.

UCL University Of London

UCL is one of the world’s leading universities, located in London which aims at providing education equally to all and on equal terms. This university provides master’s degree and graduate program in Geomatic engineering and Geomatic science.

Hochschule Karlsruhe – Technik Und Wirtschaft

This German University provides Masters Degree program in Geomatics (M.Sc.) and helps student to achieve extensive and detailed knowledge on high scientific level of the Geomatics theory and methods in the above spectrum of Geomatics working fields.No tuition fees are charged in this university.

Tu Delft University

The Master’s program in Geomatics provided by TU Delft university of Netherlands helps you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to develop better solutions for solving real-world problems in an innovative way. Click here to visit university home page.

Troy University

Troy Universities of United state has its branches in Florida, Texas, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and also has international branches in Japan, Korea and Vietnam. A TROY degree in Geomatics will prepare you for a place in the exciting field of geospatial informatics by equipping you with the skills to comprehend, handle, operate, and manage geologically based information in significant ways. Troy University is an excellent choice to meet your educational objectives.

University Of Colorado Denver

The Geomatics Engineering and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programs at the University of Colorado Denver provides broad-based expertise and cutting-edge skills that span the growing geospatial field, and helps alleviate the shortage of well-educated geospatial professionals. The programs are designed for both working professionals and full-time students.

KNUST College Of Engineering

It was established in October 1952 to prepare students for professional qualifications only. Since then it has been growing and expanded as a college today offering B.Sc. program in Geomatic engineering. It is situated in Kumasi Ghana. To know more about this college you can click here for information on Wikipedia.

University Of Calgary

This Canadian university offers undergraduate and graduate courses in Geomatic engineering for aspiring Geomaticians. University of Calgary has won many awards in the field of Geomatics.

Carleton University

In Carleton University the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies has an undergraduate degree in Geomatics from where you can complete your B.Sc.