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A Career In Urban Planning

Right from domestic planning to shape the way our villages, cities, and towns are developed, students preparing for a career in urban planning have a lot to explore. Urban planners are also popularly known as city planners and designers, land use planners and municipal planners.

Urban planners are accountable for the development of city plans and for initiating policies for the proper management and apt usage of land and related facilities in urban and rural areas. If you are aspiring a career in the field of Urban Planning, your goal should be to stabilize your communities’ short-term and long-term needs. If you have what it takes and are ready for the challenge, then a career in urban planning may be just perfect for you.

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Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for an urban planner may differ depending on the employers. In general, the minimum qualification you may require for an entry-level job in urban planning is a bachelor’s degree in urban planning. Most of the professionals also have a Master’s degree in planning, which is typically a two-year program.

What Urban Planning Students Learn?

Urban planning courses ideally aim to provide students and aspirants with a strong base in community planning. Such courses help students learn more about planning and dealing with issues such as redeveloping local communities, planning extension of a metropolitan area, or planning particular community events. Some programs also make use of local foundations and geographical contexts to add to the coursework.

General Skills Acquired By Students Of Urban Planning

-Research abilities
-Critical thinking skills
-Excellent Communication skills
-Knack to operate within strict timelines
-Ability to identify quality information
-Time management skills

Topics Covered Under Urban Planning

-Improvement of cities and regions
-Importance of public aspirations and historical trends in urban planning
-The interconnections among local communities, buildings, infrastructure, and the natural environment.
-The varying needs within a community
-The process of urban planning and land-use decision making

Employable Skills

Urban planning graduates can explore a variety of career options within Urban Planning purely due to the specific skills and knowledge they’ve acquired during the course of their program. If you’re investigative, logical and enjoy exploring the details, you might want to look out for a job in planning and research. If you have good interpersonal skills and would like to get involved with a local community, a job in community engagement could prove a better career option. Or, if you like designing, planning, and making things look better, perhaps urban design is an apt career choice.

Experience Matters

For a promising career in Urban Planning, it’s important that you stay updated with ongoing planning, development, and broader environmental issues. It is recommended that you gain work experience as you study via appropriate part-time or short-term jobs, or internships. Many private sector employers as well as local establishments offer placements in planning departments. You may try grabbing an opportunity there and get hands-on experience before you graduate if you are serious about pursuing a career in Urban Planning.

Job Options

-Local government officer
-Town planner
-Conservation Officer
-Housing manager
-Facilities manager
-Transport planner

Where To Apply Your Urban Planning Skills & Degree

-You can choose to work as an urban planner at a municipal law firm to gain expertise during land-use controversy hearings, assist them in developing communities and housing options, as well as on major projects like airport facility expansion and development.
-Work in a consultancy that deals with the planning and development of retail complexes which involves activities like finding apt location, getting approval and so on.
-Work with non-profit foundations and conduct research for fund-raising and supporting social agencies.
-Work as a consultant with an engineering firm andbecome actively involved in projects such as planning, developing, and managing public transit systems.

Some More Positions Where You Can Apply For

-Civil Service administrator
-Environmental manager
-Estate agent
-Community development worker
-Energy manager
-Transport and planning
-Business management

Top Institutes & Universities Offering Courses In Urban Planning

University of Pennsylvania: The university boasts a practical, hands-on approach to training in Urban Planning. As a part of the program, the university not only concentrates on particular aspects of urban planning, but also provides Internship to its students. According to the Forbes, the university ranks 11th position in the world.

Financial Aid: The university offers Federal Grants, State Local Grants and Institutional Grants.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): This university offers the most esteemed degree programs in Urban Planning and is known as one of the best in the world. The university ranks 5th worldwide as per Times Higher Education.

Financial Aid: The university provides different scholarship for UG students taking Urban Planning which includes MIT Scholarship, Federal Grants, State Scholarships, Outside or Private Scholarships and Veteran Benefits.

University of Southern California: This university follows a theoretical as well as practical approach towards Urban Planning laying emphasis on methodical and communication skills, critical thinking, designing, planning, and decision-making in a globalizing world. Ranked 125th as per Top Universities.

Financial Aid: The university offers different aid programmes like USC Scholarships, Outside Scholarships and Need Based Grants. For graduates, the university offers financial aid under Fellowships, Assistantships and TEACH Grants.

Bartlett School of Planning: This university is considered to be the best in the UK for Urban Planning. Any list of top universities for Urban Planning is simply incomplete without mentioning the post-graduate urban planning programs here. The institute comes under top 10 urban planning institutes in London.

University of Illinois– This school always tops the list of urban planning schools around the globe. University of Illinois is amongst the oldest and most esteemed programs in the US, which also offers doctorate courses in Urban Planning. The university stands in 33rd position worldwide by Times Higher Education.

Financial Aid: The university offers Merit-based scholarships to students awarded on the basis of high academic achievement. There is also Need-based scholarships are awarded to students based on financial need. In addition to these, Undergraduate Scholarships and Waiver Policy is offered for consistent policy, procedure and priority guidance.