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Taiwan Provides Work Permit To International Students

Taiwan, in a bid to enhance the national competitiveness, has allowed international students to apply for work permits.

Starting from July 1, 2014, international students in Taiwan can opt for work permits.

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According to Ministry of Labor (MOL), there are a total of 2,000 vacancies available in the first year. The international students those who have graduated from any university in Taiwan can be part of such privilege.

The MOL has collaborated with the ‘Executive Yuan’, the executive branch of the government of the Republic of China. The program conceived by the ‘Executive Yuan’ aims to retain foreign talents, for the added advantage of the nation. It is being connoted that as the government of the Republic of China has extensively invested in the resources, concerning the education of the international students, studying in Taiwan, it is quite apt to execute such dynamic programs that would stand beneficial to the nation.

The program is also supported by the ‘new immigration policy’ proposed by the National Development Council (NDC). The new policy would relax existing rules for allowing foreign students to work in Taiwan. There other measures currently under consideration are retaining the technical professionals and granting them dual citizenship.

A prospective candidate is required to have an education degree. He or she is supposed to have the necessary work experience and qualifications. It is also important to note down the salary level they would be inducted into. Foreign language and Chinese language skills are prerequisite. Interested candidates can also download the application form here. The important documents that are required while applying for the work permits are copies of diploma, work contract, resume and proof of language proficiency.

It is also important to note that international students, holding a job without a valid work permit, can be fined between NT$30, 000 to NT$150, 000. The work permit under the statutory regulations of the Employment Services Act and Regulations on the permission Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers, is valid on certain conditions. The foreign students can only work for maximum 16 hours per week. The duration would be six months. A new work permit can be applied for after the expiration of the existing one.

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