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Tips for Creating an ATS Friendly Resume

The job search process is a long process that requires you to have patience. It starts with filling the job applications through an updated resume and sends it further. But as days or months pass and there is no sign from the employer, questions start arising in mind:  What happened? What went wrong? A number …

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Apply for Free Online Courses for 2017

Free Online Course on Healthcare in India: Strategic Perspectives The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and edx Application Deadline Starts on August 9, 2016 Apply Now Tags: 2016, August Courses, Business, edX, health, International, Management, online course University of Adelaide Free Online Course on Entrepreneurial Opportunities Provided by University of Adelaide, Australia Application Deadline Starts on September 13, 2016 Apply Now Tags: 2016, edX, Management, online course, September Courses, University MOOC …

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How to Write Impressive CV for Scholarship

Competition to win scholarships is very tough and you should be better prepared to present your case in such a manner that it makes you stand out among the hordes of other resumes for the same scholarship. CV or Curriculum Vitae and resume both are marketing documents and have similar purposes, in that they represent the applicant …

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Scholarship Recommendation Letter Samples and Templates

Writing a scholarship recommendation letter is a responsible and difficult task because it’s the duty of the writer to provide specific and true information about the student. The most convincing recommendation letters provide the information that either expands something which was explained in the students’ application or information regarding totally new thing. The paramount recommendations …

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Scholarship Thank You Letter Samples/Template

Applying for a scholarship always remains at the top in the students’ priority list. However, you should never forget the generosity of donor after you have been awarded the scholarship. You should be gracious enough to write a ‘Thank You’ letter to the person/organization providing a scholarship that you need. Most importantly, never make the …

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