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Important Aspects of Research Proposal

What is Research Proposal? It is very important to understand. Mostly, students who are new in the field of research or beginners, don’t understand fully what it actually means. A research proposal needs to be good as ones research. A research proposal is a proposal through which you need to convince others that you have great research idea and have the required abilities to complete it on time. The evaluators evaluate your proposed study through the proposal. So, it should have necessary information and key elements on the basis of which it could be evaluated.. Sometimes a good research project is been rejected due to poorly written research proposal, so quality of your research writing matters a lot along with the quality of your proposed research.

Points you need to focus on while writing a research proposal:

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1) Title: Title should be short and descriptive. An informative and catchy title will not only creates interest but also persuade the readers favorably towards the proposal.

2) Abstract: It is defined as a small summary of around about 300 words, which should include the research problem, basis for the study, assumption if have any, methods and findings.

3) Introduction: In an introduction part you need to introduce your research problem, provide the necessary background for it. Framing a problem is in itself a toughest task. As such there is no particular format for framing your research question, all depends upon your creativity, ability to think independently and the understanding you have towards your research area .You need to bring out the importance of your research area in front of your readers. Introduction generally covers following points:
i) Research problem
ii) Provide the context/background for your research problem.
iii) Rationale for the research study
iv) Discussing major and minor issues mentioned in your research.
v) Identification of dependent and independent variables.
vi) Assumption ,if any

Literature Review:
It is a summary and explanation of key studies relevant to a proposed project. You need to showcase the stage for your work and how your piece of work is going to benefit. It reveals many important functions like your ability to analyze and evaluate relevant literature information, provides new insights etc.
You can organize your review in different ways but it should be presentable and systematic for example: you can make use subheading under main heading.

Methods:This section tells the research committee about your plan of action i.e. the way you will solve your research problem. So, it is imperative part of your research proposal. In the method section you need to provide adequate information and should be able to proof that your approach is the most pertinent and suitable, to solve out your research problem.

Results:At this phase ,it is very obvious that you don’t have any results but you should recapitulate what you expect to generate during the course of your research and impacts that you expect from it to have.

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