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Clemson University Scholarships and Grants in USA, 2017

Clemson University awards numerous scholarships for both entering freshmen and upperclassmen. Due to the high caliber of the applicant pool, many deserving students are not awarded scholarship assistance. But, Clemson scholarships are awarded automatically to all accepted entering freshmen and enrolled continuing students for which they are eligible. Scholarship awards amount and eligibility criteria vary widely. Usually, scholarships are awarded twice a year; once in the spring for the next academic year and once in the fall (called make-up awarding) for the spring semester of the current academic year. Scholarships are available to both U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens (eligible for federal Title IV aid). Transfer students who have completed one full-time semester at Clemson University are also eligible. Except few scholarships (categorized as restricted), it is not necessary to apply for a particular scholarship or consider eligibility criteria.

About Clemson University: Established in 1889, Clemson University is an American public and coeducational university located in Clemson, South Carolina, United States. The university consists of five colleges: Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences; Architecture, Arts and Humanities; Business and Behavioral Sciences; Engineering and Science; and Health, Education and Human Development. It ranks 20th among all national public universities as per the US News and World Report.

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Categories of Scholarships: There are four main categories of Clemson University scholarships:

Clemson University Freshmen Academic Recruiting Scholarships and Grants: The following scholarships are only available to entering freshmen only:

Clemson UniversityNational Scholars: In this category two types of scholarship programmes i.e. National Scholars Program and National Merit Scholarship program. The national scholars program covers tuition, fees, room and board, and other expenses and offers extensive educational enrichment opportunities (study abroad, specialized coursework, dedicated mentoring). Selection is based on a review of top applications to the Calhoun Honors College and a rigorous, in-person interview process. The national merit scholarship of $1,000 is available to national merit finalists who meet specific requirements. This scholarship is renewable for up to 3 years (a total of 8 terms).

Freshmen Academic Recruiting Scholarships: These academic recruiting scholarships are awarded to entering freshmen on the basis of their admissions applications, beginning in the fall. All incoming freshmen who file the FAFSA by Clemson’s March 1st priority deadline are also considered for Federal Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), Federal Work Study and all Federal loan programs.
-Scholarships for South Carolina Residents: South Carolina residents may receive only one of the Trustee Scholarship, Clemson Scholars or Palmetto Pact. Trustee scholarship of $1,000 is available for students ranked in the top 10% of their high school class who also have at least a 1200 SAT (CR+M) or 27 ACT. Student at each South Carolina public high school who has ranked as top student the end of the junior year will receive a renewable $3,500 Clemson Scholars award. All students (except those already identified as Clemson Scholars) who enroll at Clemson and are awarded a Palmetto Fellows from the state of South Carolina and will receive a renewable $2,500 scholarship from Clemson. South Carolina residents are also considered for LIFE, HOPE, and SC Need-Based Grants through the state. Over 98% of all in-state Clemson freshmen receive either the Palmetto Fellows or LIFE scholarship.
-Scholarships for Out-of-State (Domestic) Students: Non-resident merit scholarship is available for domestic out-of-state students with at least a 1250 SAT (CR+M) or 28 ACT and who are ranked in the top 10% of their high school class. Students will receive a renewable merit scholarship of at least $7,500. Students with higher test scores will be considered for these merit scholarships up to $15,000 annually. Clemson non-resident grant is a renewable $2,500 grant in addition to any other scholarship(s). All out-of-state students with substantial financial need, who file the FAFSA by Clemson’s priority date of March 1st and meet academic criteria will be considered.

These scholarships are renewable for an additional three years of continuous undergraduate study for students who continue to meet the minimum prescribed academic criteria. The criteria are usually a cumulative 3.0 GPR and a minimum of 12 credits completed each semester. No separate application is required. Students who wish to be considered for these scholarships should apply for admissions by December 1 and complete the admissions process by December 31.

Clemson University Diversity Scholarships: Clemson strives to offer outstanding academic programs to a diverse student body. All accepted applicants are considered for these scholarships. With the exception of the Clemson Scholars Program, the academic achievement, personal background and interpersonal skills are also used for evaluating candidates. Students who wish to be considered for diversity scholarships should apply for admissions by December 1 and complete the admissions process by December 31. To be considered for need-based scholarships, applicants must also submit the FAFSA by March 1. All accepted entering freshmen will be automatically considered for each diversity scholarship for which they are considered eligible.

Clemson University Restricted Scholarships and Grants: These are non-renewable one time awards for one academic year. Scholarships awarded to freshmen are based on high school records, entrance examination scores and other qualifications. Scholarships are restricted to full-time undergraduate students unless otherwise noted.

No scholarship application is required except the four scholarships listed below. Students are automatically reviewed and considered for all other restricted scholarships. Freshmen who wish to be considered for restricted University scholarships should complete the admissions process by March 1. Transfer students must complete one full-time semester (at least 12 hours) at Clemson University before they will be considered for University scholarships.

James W. and Margaret Grainger Clark Scholarship Trust Fund firstly prefers to graduates of Tamassee-Salem High School who have resided at the Tamassee DAR School or students who have resided at the Kate Duncan Smith DAR School. Second preference is given to a son or daughter of a member in good standing of The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Staff Senate Annual Scholarships are available to children of currently employed full-time Clemson University staff (not faculty) members. Scholarships are not automatically renewable and require an application each year.

Olivia Jackson McGee Endowed Scholarship is awarded to a student in architecture or English. Preference is given to children or grandchildren of Clemson University tenured professors.

Pierce-Elizabeth Rogers Scholarship is awarded to a resident of Kershaw or Dillon County, with preference given to orphans.
For applying these above scholarships, applicants should please send the application and a letter (or email) to the Office of Student Financial Aid stating their qualifications.

Clemson Scholarships For Engineering: These following scholarships are awarded for undergraduate students majoring in Engineering program:
A. N. Cameron Sr. Endowed Engineering Scholarship: Clemson University is providing this scholarship to civil engineering students. The selection for this scholarship is made by the University Scholarship and Award Committee.
John M. Ford Memorial Award: The John M. Ford Award is given to the civil engineering student who has shown an interest in the professional practice of civil engineering and has attained an outstanding academic record. The award memorializes the achievements of John M. Ford, who taught for many years in the Civil Engineering Department. This award is given to a student majoring in Civil Engineering.
Sherwood E. Liles Engineering Scholarship: This scholarship is to support freshmen students.
Wilbur Smith and Associates Award: The Wilbur Smith and Associates Award is given to the Civil Engineering student who has demonstrated outstanding performance in the area of transportation engineering.
Polly H. & Walter Lowry Memorial Scholarship: A scholarship to fund sophomores, juniors or seniors majoring in Civil Engineering
Kenneth D. Hobbs Endowment Scholarship: This award is given to civil engineering students and the selection is based on university scholarship and awards committee.
P.H. & W. L. Lowry Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is based on need and the award of $50,000 minimum is selected by the University Scholarship & Awards Committee.
Thomas and Hutton Engineering Scholarship: Scholarships for students majoring in Civil Engineering within the College of Engineering and Science.
David Pavluchuk Memorial Scholarship: Scholarships for students majoring in Civil Engineering within the College of Engineering and Science.
E. L. Clark Civil Engineering Memorial Award: The E. L. Clarke Award is given to a senior CE student for outstanding academic achievement. The award is to honor and perpetuate the memory of Dr. E. L. Clarke, who served as Civil Engineering Department Chair from 1921-1951. This award is for $100 or more with a certificate to a senior or junior in Civil Engineering. Awardees’ name will be added to plaque in foyer of Lowry Hall.

Additional Clemson University Scholarships: Clemson University also provides financial assistance to students involved in specific activities. These sources of aid recognize participation in designated extracurricular activities or academic programs. The College of Engineering and Science also offers a Michelin annual scholarship program to support outstanding students in selected Engineering and Science disciplines who undertake a rigorous program of study for developing French language fluency. Students may also be eligible to participate in coop and/or internships in Michelin Facilities in North America and France.

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