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Eight PhD Positions in Organic Chemistry, Uppsala University,Sweden

The Department of Biochemistry & Organic Chemistry is located at the Uppsala Biomedical Center, close to the Departments of Cell & Molecular Biology, Physical & Analytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Research at the department focuses on organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry, physical organic chemistry and chemical biology. The department consists of 65 employees of which 35 are graduate students.

The research in organic chemistry at the department is broad and ranges from method development in organic synthesis to biomedical applications and applications in materials science.



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The research programs at the department can be found on the department website www.biorg.uu.se and include

  • Asymmetric synthesis
  • Organometallic chemistry
  • Bioorganic chemistry
  • Physical organic chemistry
  • PET chemistry
  • Carbon nanotubes and graphenes
  • Green and sustainable chemistry

Appointment period: The PhD position is for four years, extendable to a maximum of five years by including department duties at a level of at most 20% (typically teaching). Since first year undergraduate courses are taught in Swedish, proficiency in Swedish may be considered an advantage.

Nature of duties: The PhD student is expected to carry out advanced research in organic chemistry, to broaden his/her perspective and knowledge of organic chemistry by taking graduate courses in relevant subjects and to teach as well as participate in general departmental work such as instrument maintenance etc to a level corresponding to a maximum 20% of the employment time.

Qualifications required: To qualify for a PhD position the applicant must have at least 240 hp or equivalent of basic university education with at least 90 hp in chemistry and 60 hp at the advanced level. For applicants from outside the European Union, a GRE general test score has to be supplied.

Criteria for ranking: The ranking of applicants will be based on undergraduate grades, on the undergraduate education profile and on the applicants experience of and demonstrated interest in the appropriate field of research. It is desirable that the top candidates participate in personal interviews although that may not always be necessary or possible. In this case, the GRE general test scores may be used.

In filling this position, the university aims to recruit the person who, in a combined evaluation of competence, skills and documented qualifications, is judged most suitable to carry out and develop the work-in-hand and to contribute to a positive development of the department and programme.

Personal circumstances that may be of positive relevance to the application, for example parental leave, should be mentioned in the list of qualifications (CV).

Uppsala University is striving to achieve a greater gender balance among its research and teaching staff and women are especially invited to apply for this position.

For further information about the position, please contact professor Pher G. Andersson (+46 18 471 3801) ([email protected]) or professor Lars Baltzer (+46 18 471 3810, ([email protected]). The trade union representatives are Anders Grundström of SACO (the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, phone +46 18 471 5380) and Carin Söderhäll of TCO/ST (the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees, phone +46 18 471 1996), Stefan Djurström of Seko (the Union of Service and Communication Employees, phone +46 18 471 3315).

The application should be sent, preferrably by e-mail to: [email protected], or by fax +46-184712000, or by mail to: Registrar’s Office, Uppsala University, Box 256, SE-751 05 UPPSALA, Sweden. In any correspondence please use the reference number UFV-PA 2010/1415.

Application deadline on 30 July, 2010.

For further information:


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    Pls send me the application form in English language. I tried to find it in the given website, but only swedish version of the same could find.
    It would be greatly appreciated if you could send me one.

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