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PhD Position in Synthetic Organic Chemistry at University of Amsterdam in Netherlands, 2019

The Fernández-Ibáñez group is currently offering a PhD position on an exciting research programme, which was funded by the NWO (ECHO grant) ‘Catalytic efficient methods for inter- and intramolecular Fujiwara-Moritani reactions’. The objective of the present research program is directed towards the discovery and development of a general and efficient Pd(II)-based catalytic system for the …

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Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Organic Chemistry at University of Oslo, Norway

The University of Oslo is offering the Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the Department of Chemistry in Norway. The University of Oslo until 1939 named the Royal Frederick Universi is the oldest university in Norway, located in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. In our research, the emphasis is on the design of chiral alpha-aminophosphonate derivatives to …

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Postdoc Positions in Organic Chemistry at Jagiellonian University, Poland

Jagiellonian University is providing the Postdoctoral Positions in Organic Chemistry in Poland. The applicants must submit the following information on cumulative average grade for the studies, publications and presentations at scientific conferences, awards and prizes, scholarships, etc. degree certificates at least one letter of recommendation from a scientist who is familiar with the applicant’s previous …

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Postdoctoral Positions in Organic Chemistry, Sweden

Fellowships for those candidates who have PhD degree or equivalent, not more than three years old, in organic chemistry with focus on organic, bioorganic, or medicinal chemistry Job Description: The Laboratories for Chemical Biology Umeå (LCBU) is an infrastructure that offers small molecule screening and chemistry support. LCBU is engaged in several projects at different …

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Eight PhD Positions in Organic Chemistry, Uppsala University,Sweden

The Department of Biochemistry & Organic Chemistry is located at the Uppsala Biomedical Center, close to the Departments of Cell & Molecular Biology, Physical & Analytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Research at the department focuses on organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry, physical organic chemistry and chemical biology. The department consists of 65 employees of which 35 …

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