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Importance of Environmental Studies for Students

Environmental studies should be made mandatory in schools and colleges.There is just no double opinion on this. With the release of pollutants into the atmosphere on a huge scale and subsequent rise in the levels of global warming, planet Earth is inching forth an irreversible disaster. If the coming generations are not made aware of the disaster one could be geared up for such undesirable consequences that are beyond description.

At this juncture it is highly relevant to look into the political mandate which deliberately overlooks some of the subjects and pushes others. There could be a play of interests in such a thing. But instead of dealing with that it becomes important to us to know why Environmental studies (EVS) should be made a compulsory subject in schools and colleges. Let us now look at the following points which make us realize the importance of having a mandatory environmental science curriculum in schools and colleges.

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The subject gives a direct contact with nature and the knowledge of it: The subject environmental science gives students an ample scope for ‘application’. They will get some real-time knowledge and skill which required when they are actually dealing with environmental problems and the possible solutions. They can actually see the knowledge of physics and chemistry and for that matter even biology helps them to protect environment. This could give the student community a sense of ‘empowerment’.

EVS encompasses many other science domains: In EVS we find a classic amalgamation of many other branches of science. This will expose students to a variety of theories and practical approaches thus enriching their knowledge.

EVS encourages collaborative studies: When we talk about environmental issues we immediately realize that they are complex in nature. Such a thing will certainly chisel the analytical and problem solving skills of the students. Since the nature of environmental problems is both complex and critical, besides being huge, it demands team and collaborative work. This helps students to improve their interpersonal skills and they will emerge great leaders and team players in the future.

Conscientizes students to the problems of the planet earth: The study of EVS could itself be conscientizing instrument in making students realize the peril of survival. Students might become aware of the danger that many may be unknowingly or ignorantly unleashing upon the planet we are living. In some ways it could be related to something called as “emancipator pedagogy’’ which makes students more insightful.

One could now know the multiple benefits that EVS could generate as a mandatory subject. The skills that otherwise go unnoticed are refined by means of this subject. Not just this, students who are resistant to sciences might actually fall in love with it, owing to the practical approach it offers.

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