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Global Warming : An Important Unit Of The Climate Change Major

Global warming refers to continuous rise in temperature of climate system of the earth. It has been estimated that average temperature of the earth has been increased by 0.8 c since early twentieth century. Global warming has become a topic of debate over the last few years .Effects of global warming are now appearing in miniature form but there have been instances where such results have produced alarming conditions.

Importance Of The Courses

These courses help to see the effect of change of climate on society and mankind which in turn will be reflected in the policy making. These courses create the hope of emission control at the national and international level. At the same time nations will be forced to look for a path that integrates the concept economic development and safe guarding our nature too.

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Why Students Should Opt For The Global Warming Programs

A student who studies the courses on global warming gets a boost in his careers .He can build his career in government agencies, business consultancies and academics. Persons doing course in this field can go for research in environmental bioscience who is usually employed by government or non government agencies for environmental policy development. Graduate course give the person access to the fields sustainability in farming system and rural development. Environmental consultancy, environmental management and environmental policy making are also fields where a person can look for his career after doing the courses.

In spite of such hue and cry about the scenario there are very less universities or institutes which are providing quality course on the subject. Gillenwater survey which was conducted at global level states 82 % people believe that out of 719 universities available no one is providing good education in this field.

Universities Or Institutions Providing Global Warming Programs Or Courses

However there are certain universities or institutions which are providing courses on the issue of global warming or on climate change subjects which need to be discussed.

University Of Chicago

Global warming :the science of climate change

This course describes the science of global warming. It also focuses on the human race‡s impact on the earth. It starts from basic concept of heat and light and gradually level is raised to conceptual and algebraic model of the climate. Complexities of the real world are added at later stages.

Main feature if the course is that it requires no scientific knowledge and can be taken by any student who has inclination towards studies of climate change. A series of short lectures and videos will be shown for each section.

University Of California Irvine

Science from superheroes to global warming

This course tries to focus on the way science works and what is the underlying principal of the science. Its curriculum ranges widely and covers many important topics which also include the issue of global warming.

Global warming constitutes the important part of the course and extensive discussion on the issue of global warming is done in the class in the tenth week of the course. There is no special requisite for the course. Duration of the course is ten weeks. Peer learning and peer assessment technique will be used by students to complete the assignment.

University Of California San Diego

Climate change in four dimensions    

Course covers the topic of climate change from various perspectives. It considers interaction of natural sciences, technology and other social sciences and humanities on this aspect. It covers the topics of basic science of climate change, nature of scientific knowledge, climate change mitigation, impact of climate change and international dimensions of climate change .Course is taught in online lecture mode.

University Of Oxford

These courses are designed for professionals who are working in the field of climate change science, climate change modelling, industries with an environmental impact and environmental consultancy.

An introduction to the science of climate and climate change

This is a short online course which provide introduction to science of climate and modelling. This is an untutored course. This course is free of any charge

Constructing and applying high resolution climate scenario

This is seven week tutored online course which equivalent to postgraduate level. It can be considered an extension of the basic course .it has a fees of about pound 495.00.

Economics of climate change

This course provides information about the climate change science and how economics can play a role in addressing the issue of climate change in national policy and global agreements.

University Of Nairobi

Master of climate change adaptation

Course is conducted by the university of Nairobi .It deals with the fundamental changes caused in the climate by anthropogenic and natural activities which affects atmosphere of the earth. Due to above stated factors global mean surface temperature has increased in the range of 1.5c to 5.8c.

Doctor of philosophy

Doctor of philosophy in climate change and adaptation program of the university of Nairobi is extension of its masters program .It deals with the same subject of influence of anthropogenic and natural activities on the atmosphere of our planet but only in  a more exhaustive and extensive way .

NC State University

Climate change and society (CCS) degree program

This degree is designed to give students a rich experience in the field of climate science. Along with it course also focus on the affect of the civilization on the climate. It is one year degree program which combine the climate change science and climate sensitive social economic sector data and helps in developing a right outlook on the subject of climate science.

University Of Waterloo

Master of climate change

Course is conducted by department of geography and environment management in the university of waterloo. This program is designed to provide a quality course to the students of various fields which are related to the climate change science policy and management. It is a specialized course which can be completed over a period of three terms (twelve months) which does not include any thesis work. It is conducted at main university of water loo campus.

Scholarship And Grants

Most of the courses offered online are free to create awareness regarding the global warming. But certain courses have fees which have to be paid by the student. Universities which offer scholarships or grants are –

-University of Nairobi

DAAD Research grants for young Kenyan scientist

This grant is offered by university of Nairobi for the research of any nature. There is no age limit for the opportunity .

PhD Positionstenable at the University of Nairobi

These opportunities are offered through a WHO/TDR/IDRC GRANT .This grant is issued under the project “early warning systems for improved human population health and resilience to climate sensitive vector borne disease in dry land areas of Kenya” .The project has been made to focus on climate change and vector born disease.

AWARD fellowships

It is applicable to agricultural scientist of Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia and Malawi for the person having masters or doctors degree.

-University of Waterloo

It offers scholarships for course in masters in climate change which is conducted by faculty of environment. Under the faculty three scholarship exams are conducted.

Entrance Scholarship 1

It is conducted for all programmes. Range of scholar ship is $ 1000 per year.

Entrance Scholarship 2

It is conducted for all programmes under the faculty. Range of scholarship is $ 2000 per year.

Entrance scholarship 3

It also conducted for all programs. Range of scholarships varies from $ 500 to $ 5000.