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Project Planning Courses

Project planning is about undertaking and completing the tasks within the stipulated deadline for achieving the goal. Therefore, there has to be an objective, and all activities need to be aligned appropriately, from beginning to the completion. Meticulous sequencing of work is essential for optimally utilizing resources as otherwise the endeavor may prove costly and at times it may never be completed.

Usually, the word project conjures up an image of some construction activity but that would be a rather narrow view. Projects can also entail starting a new mall, or beginning some farming activity. Likewise, election campaign or marketing initiative can also be viewed as a project. Projects can be related to research and development, or fashion shows. They may be small, or big. They may be for profit or for non-profit as well.

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Project Planning Courses

It is well-said that “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.” For the successful completion of any project, you need to plan it strategically after looking all of its aspects. There is no doubt that some people have inborn capabilities of project planning but if you are devoid of it and want to learn about this essential process then you should consider the various Project Planning courses for equipping yourself with the knowledge and right skill sets.

Importance Of Project Planning Courses

Project Management courses will help you in knowing the essential conditions for starting any projects. With the help of project planning courses you will learn about –
-Feasibility report or profitability analysis
-Availability of resources including finances, manpower, and machinery
-Availability of a market or end consumer
-Possibility of commanding the required price in case of for profit concerns.

If all these conditions are met, the next step is project planning.

Why Students Should Opt For Project Planning Courses?

Project planning courses will help a student in implementing the steps of Project Planning in the Real World Example.

This can be better-understood with an example. Therefore, if an entrepreneur is contemplating the construction of a condominium for selling to home buyers, the objective is defined.  Project Management course will teach you that the relevant project planning would be done in a step-wise manner.

-Broadly listing all activities involved and associated with the project
Making a list of activities involved including developing plans, obtaining approvals, confirming the legal status, and evaluating financial requirements, identifying sources of finances, assessing manpower requirement, apart from identifying the demand in the market for end product, and determining pricing of the end product.
-Determining timeline
Timeline is crucial as viability of the project depends upon it. It is crucial at every stage, but more so at the start as the rest of the activities have to be organized based on this timeline.
-Determining priorities of each of these activities and thereby arriving at sequence in which such activities are to be carried out.
-Dividing each such activity into smaller components and grouping activities based on skill sets and other resource requirements.
-Again determining a sequence of such activities based on priorities and resource availability.
-Allocation of resources such as manpower, machines, and money for various activities.
-Monitoring and inspection of progress.

Communication, monitoring and inspection though not exactly an activity that is essential in any project planning as lack of supervision can mean schedule going haywire and disturb everybody’s activities. It can also result in quality issues. Communication channels should be free from bottlenecks and if one person is not available to clarify something, there should be another person who can be contacted when the project is on.

-Final implementation till the objective is achieved

Obviously, execution is important, and that starts with construction workers and materials. While marketing aspect is important, project planning such as the one discussed above does not necessarily depend upon that department except in the initial stages when viability of the project is considered. Marketing, however, is done simultaneously, as it eases the financial burden on the builder since money would start flowing in from the customers.  Complimentary services such as helping customers obtain loans from banks form an integral part of marketing rather than a separate activity in the project.

Opportunities After Earning Degree In Project Planning

A person can certainly give a boost to his career after earning a degree in Project Planning/Management courses. According to the eligibility, a student can take part in a short-term or a Bachelor/Master or Ph.D degree program. By earning a bachelor degree in project Management, you can take up the responsibility as a project manager. With the help of Project planning courses, a Project Manager can strategically manage the different levels of any projects within the stipulated time period.

The stage of the project planning is something that goes on concurrently in every business. Project managers are required in all the fields be it business administration, supply chain management or operations management. So, a person earning a degree in Project Planning can easily secure a job in any of the businesses or industries.

Some projects are small and can be completed simply by using your common sense, but sometimes the projects are complex and we need to have a strategic approach and right skill sets for successfully completing it. Nowadays there are many reputed online Project Planning courses available offered by several prestigious universities worldwide. Project Planning courses are mostly based on the Project Management training that helps in gaining the knowledge and acquiring the right skill sets for running any project.

Some Universities Offering Project Planning Courses

Project Planning courses not only help an individual to become a better individual by having a proper sense of time and resources but also help the students or managers in fast tracking their career prospects.  With the help of project planning courses, a person develops organizational abilities for leading a motivated team towards success. A Certified Project Manager can help the company in gaining a solid reputation as he can efficiently manage the completion of the project in a timely manner with improvised procedures and excellent efficiency.

Stanford University, United States offers courses and certificate program based on Stanford Advanced Project Management for helping the students gain the project management skills and tools for strategically executing projects of the real world.

Scholarships– Various types of University scholarship are given to the students as per their financial needs. Individuals and corporations gift the money and that can be used as University scholarship funds for assisting the students financially. Moreover, Federal and State Grants are also provided to the students based on financial needs.

Likewise, Boston University Distance Education is providing Graduate Certificate in Project Management to motivate the professionals in mastering the techniques and tools for successfully completing any project within time and budget.

Financial Aid– At Boston University online students are given privilege for getting the financial aid for the tuition payment in the form of scholarships, loans and grants.

Similarly, the University of British Columbia, Canada is also offering a certificate program on Project Management that is entirely online and with this program the experience professionals enhance the knowledge and gain the skill sets for completing any project.

Scholarships- Around 10 million Canadian dollars are given as scholarships to the international students around the world depending on their financial needs and academic achievements.

Robert Gordon University Aberdeen, UK is also offering program based on Graduate Certificate in Project Management that is mainly focused on the concepts and working of the project management.

Scholarships For undergraduates and postgraduates management courses scholarships are awarded in the form of Merit Scholarships.

The University of Adelaide, Australia offers Master of Applied Project Management Online that helps the students in developing the exceptional project management skills.

Scholarships– At the University of Adelaide scholarships are provided for the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Moreover for giving the financial assistance to the deserving students various NGOs and organizations also donate their funds for the students of the university.

Projects are expensive, and they need to be planned very carefully. All the professionals whose services would be used need to come together, several times during the development, assessment, and implementation of the project. Therefore, participants in any project planning would include auditors, engineers, marketing professionals, and purchase experts. With the help of Project Planning online courses both the students, as well as working professionals, can inculcate the knowledge and skills for executing projects successfully and thus enhancing their careers to a higher level.